My 3 Words for 2016

Inspired by this post by Chris Brogan a couple of days ago I decided to choose my 3 words for 2016. In the past I have chosen one word or theme for my year. Last year it was “finding my voice” at the start of 2015 but as the year went on I realized that the word was actually “surrender”. The journey from what I thought to be my word and focus of the year to the actual word took about 6 months to discover.

Below are my three words for 2016. After them I share the tools and techniques I used to set my goals, plans and intentions for 2015 and 2016.

Structure — to me structure is the fabric of my life:

  • Daily routines to support my health (meditation, exercise, healthy eating, yoga)
  • Systems finalized in my business to support growth & clients needs
  • Regular communication with my clients and family.

Structure is the base of the word triangle as this is the piece that supports all the other areas of my life.

Fitness — this is fitness in all areas of my life:

  • Financial fitness by eradicating all debt, increasing income and having the funds/time to give generously
  • Mental & physical fitness through meditation, visualization and exercise
  • Relationship fitness, with my husband, family and friends

Flow — allowing life to unfold as it should

  • Trust the universe to provide the how after I decide on my intentions and desired feelings
  • Stay in the flow through meditation, visualizing and time in nature.
  • Flow in my relationships (clients & family) so needs are met in a timely and caring manner.

I remember when I set my goals, intentions and chose the words in 2015 nothing felt quite right. It was one the first time I ever really sat down and tried to project what my business would do over the upcoming year. I have tried to choose personal goals each year for the past several years but have not been amazingly successful with that process In 2015 I decided to try something different. It was combo of strategic business growth planning from Amber McCue’s Plananthon, a word/theme for the year and a vision board.

Of all the above I think the Planathon was the biggest catalyst to growth and change for me and my business in 2015. I also joined the Freshly Implemented program which is a 9 month business mentorship program. The accountability of this program made all the difference as well as the guidance by other amazing business owner’s who were able to help me refine my message, purpose and strategy.

This year, I again participated in the Planathon but it was so much easier than last year. This year I felt I knew many of the answers to the planning questions instead of just guessing and grasping at straws.

From the numerous pivots and changes in 2015 I now know exactly who my Ideal Client is:

  • An intelligent, motivated, kind business owner who runs all or a good part of their business online.
  • They are looking for a partner/mentor for the financial side of their business instead of just a data entry person and are eager to make the necessary changes to their business and systems to facilitate growth and expansion.
  • The people I most love to work with are those who are looking to grow and learn, love to read, travel, laugh often and are running their businesses with integrity and passion.

If this is you I’d love to chat and get to know more about you and your business. Connect with me here and book a time for a free meet & greet.

I am excited to see the growth and changes for 2016 in my little part of the world. What are your words for 2016? I’d love to hear them.

Happy New Years 2016

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