Dark Moon Magick

Working with the moon is a great way to rev up your manifesting mojo and while most people are familiar with the 2 main phases (new moon and full moon), there’s a third phase that often gets overlooked — the dark moon.

The dark moon is actually the day marked on your calendar as the new moon. Confusing? Yep.

If you look outside at night on the new moon, you’ll see….well, you’ll see nothing. The moon is dark and blends right into the night sky. It stays this way for about 1.5 to 3 days and THEN it becomes the new moon. The new moon phase begins when you can start to see a crescent of light in the sky.

What does all this have to do with magick and manifesting?

Typically on the new moon, we release what we don’t want and set intentions for what we want to manifest and create in the future. 
And that can work really well. 
I love the idea of letting go of what no longer serves me and then filling in that space with positive intentions — out with the old, in with the new!

But there’s something to be said for taking time to focus ONLY on releasing.

I think too often that we’re in a hurry to fill up space and start calling in our intentions without fully releasing (aka banishing) what we don’t want. I think the reason why ( I’ve noticed this with myself at least) is that we’re uncomfortable with the emptiness.

We’re uncomfortable with the nothingness and the quiet.

It’s all fine and good to write out a list of things you’re ready to move on from, but if you sit in that space...that empty/in-between space that comes before you begin to focus on what you’re manifesting, things can feel really strange.

We’re not used to that in-between feeling. We’re so used to constantly moving towards the next thing that we forget to pause and take a breath.

That’s what the dark moon is for. 
Rest and release.

Letting go of anything that’s holding us back, making us feel like shit, or hindering us and then taking time to fully sit in that space. That’s the space where the deep stuff rises to the surface. The ugly stuff. The stuff that we THINK we’ve dealt with.

But the good news is, the dark moon gives us space to come to terms with those things. The dark moon gives us permission to look at the ugly stuff we (often unknowingly) shove down and hide. When we’re able to sit in the emptiness of the dark moon, allow those things to surface, and then banish them, we’re in a much better space to call in what we do want.

Of course there are no rules you have to follow when it comes to moon magick, but if you feel like there’s something deeper that you’ve been carrying around, doing dark moon magick can help you release it.

Here are some things you can try…

Write out what you want to release and then burn a black candle over the paper (stick a plate between the candle and paper — don’t burn the house down). As the candle burns down and diminishes, imagine whatever you’re releasing diminishing as well. When you’re finished, burn the paper.

Write out what you to release and condense that into one or two words. Take a piece of paper and write those words out in large print at the top of the page. Write the two words out again below, but make the print smaller. Keep writing out what you’re releasing in smaller and smaller print until you get to the bottom of the page and the letters are so small you barely read them. The whole time you’re writing, focus on releasing that which you don’t want until it disappears — as the print size gets smaller, so does your problem or issue. Once you’re finished, burn the paper.

Take the next couple of days to do nothing (I’m talking about manifesting and setting intentions-you still have to “do life” ) and wait to see what surfaces. Chances are, more things will come up that you’ll want to let go of — yay! If they do, repeat whatever you’ve done already to release them (it’s a process). Then do nothing again until you can see the light of the moon coming back.

Then, with the light of the new moon, you can call in your intentions and deliberately manifest your ass off knowing that you’ve done your best to clear whatever needed to be cleared.

Since we’re here in physical bodies, it’s best to take care of them as well when we’re doing this kind of work. Here are things you can do to feel better physically as you do releasing work…

*cry (this is a major one — it releases a shit ton of toxins)
*get lots of sleep and nap if you need to
*use a dry skin brush before showering to help release toxins
*walk barefoot on grass/sand 
*eat grounding food (root veggies like sweet potatoes are perfect)
*do EFT (tapping)

Here’s to banishing the old and making room for the new!

Kelly Dawn is an intuitive coach and energy worker who helps people break through the bullshit that’s holding them back from creating a life they love. You can find her over in her free community, the Modern Mystics Society.