I know it can be hard. I know you’ve wanted to quit.

I know that even though you know (like deep in your soul kind of know) that the work you’re doing is your true calling, you’ve been ready to throw in the towel, give up, and say FUCK THIS SHIT on more than one occasion.

I know it can suck.

You write a post and nobody likes or comments on it.

You make a video and after 30 takes you end up deleting it because the thought of sharing it makes you want to puke.

You keep going back over those free pdf’s you downloaded because you’re certain you missed some magic step. (fyi, there is no magic step)

You’re thinking that if this is the work you’re meant to do, why is it so hard? Why haven’t you figured it out yet?

I know that you’re tired, but you need to keep going.

I know that the voice in your head that’s telling you to quit can get pretty loud. The voice that says ‘It’s too hard’, ‘If I was meant to do this, I would have made it by now’, or whatever other bs story it’s telling you.

Don’t listen to that voice. That voice is an asshole. That’s the voice of fear.

You need to listen to the other voice. Your divine voice.

You need to pay very close attention to that quiet voice that’s telling you that this is what you’re meant to do in this world. That voice that reminds you that you can do this.

Because really…honestly, if you don’t do the work you’re here to do, what else are you going to do? Go back to a regular job? Ha..I don’t think so.

Have you tried that? Have you tried scrolling through the classified ads to look for a ‘normal job’? Betcha it made you feel a little nauseous. If it doesn’t, it should.

Because you can’t go back. Once you get a taste of doing what you love, helping people in the way that only YOU can, and doing that whole sharing your gifts with the world thing, you can’t go back.

Sure, your true work might be a side-hustle right now, but you know deep down that it’s THE work you’re meant to be doing. It’s your calling.

So tune back into that other voice. The voice that reminds you that you’re here for a reason. A purpose. A mission. That’s your divine voice. Listen to it. 
Allow THAT voice to completely overpower the voice the voice of fear, and drown it out.

Allow THAT voice to remind you of how powerful you are, that you’re here to make a difference, create the kind of life you want, and change the fucking world in the process.

Because you really can do this. I know you can.


Ready to tell fear to go fuck itself so you can get your message and mission out to the world?

I’ve created RISE, a new 30 Day intensive 1:1 program for new biz owners who are ready to move out of the low vibe energy of fear and into ACTION.

It’s YOUR time. 
It’s your time to RISE.

It’s time to rise above the bullshit that’s been keeping you quiet, keeping you hidden and keeping you from getting in front of the people you’re here to serve.

Because that’s what you’re here to do. Admit it.

Just admit that you have gifts to share, people to help, and that up until now you’ve been letting fear take control and keep you from doing what you came here to do.

That can end today. 
Right now.

You can decide right now that you’re no longer going to let fear (aka overwhelm, self-doubt, and confusion) run the show.

You can decide to get visible and make the impact that only you can make.
 You can decide to RISE above what’s been holding you back from sharing your gifts with the people who need you most. 
You can decide that it’s time to share YOU with the world

If you know you’re ready to RISE, message me and I’ll send over the program details.