You Are BIGGER Than Your Bullshit

It’s time you let it go. I know how much you love it. It’s comfortable, familiar, and it’s been with you for what seems like forever.

You carry it around like it’s your pride and joy. 
You pull it out as soon as the going gets tough and you fall back on it the moment you’re faced with doing something that’s going to help you grow and expand more fully into who you are.

It’s you own bullshit.

It’s the handy dandy list of why you’re not doing what you were put on this earth to do. 
It’s the excuses, the fears, the doubts, and the old stories. It’s the confusion and chaos you’ve created for yourself in order to keep yourself stuck exactly where you are.

How long do you think you can keep this up? 
How long do you think you can hide your light and keep it buried beneath that pile of crap that you’ve collected over the years. 
That precious crap you refuse to let go of. 
The beliefs you KNOW aren’t even true. The habits you KNOW are no good for you. The excuses that you THINK are valid reasons for why you’re not sharing your gifts with the people who need them.

Enough already. You’re better than that. Let it go.

You are bigger, better, and stronger than ANY of the bullshit that’s holding you back.

Wanna know why I’m so certain of this? 
Because you are fucking Divine. 
I know it, and deep down you know it too.

Inside of you lies the same energy and power that created the
entire. freakin’. UNIVERSE. 
It’s in YOU. 

The strength, the love, the light, and the magic that CREATED EVERYTHING… in you.

And yet you seem to have forgotten that.
You’ve forgotten how brilliant you are. 
How incredibly amazing you are. 
How unique you are. 
How powerful you are.

Did you really forget that you’re capable of creating whatever you want? 
Did you really forget that you can decide (TODAY) to leave your past behind and begin creating the future you want?

It’s time to let the bullshit go.

It’s time to say goodbye to the stories you’ve created…..the stories that are made up of your past hurts and disappointments that “prove” things won’t be different in the future.

It’s time to say goodbye to the excuses, the self-doubt, the constant worrying about “what if” and just LET IT GO.

Because you are bigger than those things. You are more powerful than those things, and you can choose to let them go.

You can choose (TODAY) to act like the powerful fucking co-creator you are, and you can choose to start creating the life you want.

BUUUUT….you can’t have both. You can’t cling to your BS and expect to create the future you want.

It’s your choice.