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Do you seriously think this is a helpful, useful, or worthwhile response to a post about receiving rape threats online? I’m genuinely curious, what was your intention when you wrote this? What did you think it would accomplish? I mentioned my follower count and verification status in the title of my post to underscore the extent to which I’ve invested in Twitter as a platform. Obviously there is value I get out of being on Twitter, otherwise I would have no problem leaving. I have many relationships that only exist on Twitter. I have friends I hang out with offline who I met on Twitter. I have a professional network there, as well. I learn things there. People seem to enjoy following me, as well.

The answer to targeted harassment should not be to shut down and leave a platform — that was a last resort because the platform was refusing to uphold their own rules.

Your comment is flippant, unhelpful, disrespectful, and inappropriate.

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