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  1. It is absolutely a threat, and one I take seriously.
  2. Throughout most of the abuse, I was not interacting with the user at all or replying to any of his tweets. Only on the first day of the harassment.
  3. The user blocked ME (so I couldn’t report him) but kept going to my profile and replying to all of my tweets, in particular any tweets and interaction with other users. He has been obsessive.
  4. I was initially afraid to block the user because of his threats and obsessive behavior. I didn’t want things to escalate.
  5. I eventually did block him, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to send tweets with my @, inciting further harassment. Several of his buddies also joined in.
  6. Throughout all this, and both before and after I blocked him, the user has been replying to anyone else I interacted with or who interacted with me, and harassing THEM.
  7. Telling the target of harassment that they didn’t handle it the way you believe they should have is missing the point and victim-blaming.
  8. As another reply already pointed out, this is just as much about Twitter’s inaction and gaslighting, as it is about this individual user.
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