Kellye Rowland
Nov 14 · 1 min read

Thank you for writing this. I am also an artist/actor (introvert though-haha) and I recently quit drinking; the difference is: I’m now 51 years old. In December of this year, it’ll be 2 years since I quit. It is very difficult for me not to think of how much time I wasted. Three solid decades of the youngest, most energetic years of my life, wasted. I know it isn’t helpful to think like that, so I try not to get lost in ‘what could have been’ too often, but it’s so, so hard. But. I’m here now, and the success and momentum that I’m finding as an actor is coming in leaps and bounds in these 2 short years compared to all those years I was “trying to be an actor.” I’m grateful to be here now, regardless. I’ve got some childhood trauma to unpack and am in therapy now too so it’s only going to get better for me if I stay the course.

Thanks again for this helpful guide because believe it or not, even us newly sober peri-menopausal peeps need it too. :)

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