“Breathe” Anxiety Healing

To breathe is to heal — to give permission for every deprived cell in the body to be nourished by the oxygen that it needs is to heal. And to understand that only you can do the breathing is the toughest part of healing, especially when the disease is just that: you refuse to allow yourself to breathe.

To breathe takes time, the time you must take, the time you must allow to be taken from your schedule that is plastered in the brain. It doesn’t matter if you are motivated, if your life is filled with prospective accomplishments, or if you lack this obsessive drive to achieve. In both, the mind finds a false comfort in imagining the schedule of events to occur in the immediate future.

Schedules take the breath away, the rigidity we impose on our own lives is the self-perpetuated obstacle of our healing. Remember — breathe. Every cell has a schedule of its own, to grow, to prosper, to contribute to the larger being that is us. And this schedule will not align with the schedule that the ego imposes upon us. When we give each cell the oxygen to carry out its duty, however, the mind is released from the grip of the ego and something incredible occurs, something that in our heart of hearts we could not have predicted.

That is, when we breathe and allow ourselves to breathe, when we heal and allow ourselves to be freed of our ego and each cell carries out its own duty, we find our individuality, and the accomplishments that we have not scheduled for ourselves come from the truest, most incredible and newly-liberated part of us. Breathe

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