I spent a week in Finland studying education and globalization. I’ve been wanting to visit the nordic haven, known for its progressive education practices and as the official home of the north pole, among other things.

But does it live up to the hype? And since gender equality is my chosen area of study/obsession, how are they doing with this topic in schools? I explored the city of Oulu for some answers and also enjoyed the paradisiacal snowy landscape.

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The frozen Oulujoki river

The coastal city is spread out and revolves around the inlet, an old paper mill and the universities (and hockey of course). The frozen beach stretches out to the Baltic sea and temperatures rarely go above zero for half the year. …

Most ‘woke’ people are still dissatisfied with the current state of affairs of women in the world. The United Nations’ number five Sustainable Development Goal for 2030 is gender equality, which is still a major global problem in 2018.

Since September 2017, I and Ania Khazina have been working on a project around the subject of gender norms and the constructed biases that continue to manifest them. …

(Employee learning and organizations who want you to succeed)

How do you quantify the learning experience? Where do you start if you want to learn a new skill for work? We wanted to see if it’s really possible to measure how employees improve their skills; how it’s currently being attempted, what modern techniques for continuing education exist and which organizations are investing in their employees’ futures.

To start, how do we currently measure learning experiences and results for people at work?

In a given working environment, many factors influence worker performance.

On-the-job training (OJT) includes techniques used to train employees about their job and is particularly suitable for teaching manual skills and procedures useful to reach a company’s goals. The trainer is usually an employee’s supervisor but can also be a colleague who has the required education and knowledge to do this. …


Kelly Gibbs

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off”

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