What I Ate Today: January 2, 2019


(No idea the exact time but it was way later than productive and high-earning people eat their breakfasts. I had the day off which meant I could just sit around and think about my incapacities and that was awesome but it also means that I made no money because I have multiple part-time jobs instead of a full-time job so that means I don’t have paid vacation time which is funny but not funny)


A caffe latte made with espresso from the old-school Italian moka (even though we got a brand-new, badass Nespresso machine for Christmas — bc it intimidates me) and with cow’s milk because I am a hypocrite/monster/still non-vegan.

Italian dry toasts that I had shipped here and were half broken and cost $11, but make me think of the mornings I spent in Italy when Italy was my home. When the smell of a caffe latte made on the stove and the simplicity of a dry toast with jam across the top was enough to not only sustain my body for hours, but to sustain me emotionally. Bitter. Smooth. Crunchy. Sweet. Everything was there. I was fulfilled.


(3pm, to be exact.)

Frozen, bagged ravioli from Trader Joe’s that taste better than some restaurant ravioli — like, for real. Spinach & cheese with a light tomato sauce. I had half of a baby Coke (3.75 oz.) and a glass of water (6 oz.) on the side.


A few pieces of air-popped popcorn from the bowl my little-boy-with-dirty-fingers was eating from. I kept thinking of how I was pretty sure he’d touched the toilet bowl and hadn’t washed (he lies like a mo-fo) and he kept yelling at me to “MAKE MY OWN” even though he had a portion big enough for a family — and so finally, I just did. I made my own. And I melted more butter on my one-person portion than I had on his whole three-person portion and I felt superior and smart and vengeful and adult and it was fucking glorious.

At this time, I finished the baby Coke (3.75 oz). It was too warm but still have nice fizz. Because Coke is way fizzier than Pepsi and also WAY BETTER.

I will likely not eat again because it’s nearly 8pm. Not that that has ever stopped me in the past, but.