Be Prepared For Chaos

How badly do you want something?

Not at all? Great! You’re set for life and should never feel dissatisfaction!

But you there! Yeah, you. You want stuff. Maybe even things. For yourself. Better than your current situation. Uh-oh. You just admitted that you want to improve your life.

Now what are you gonna do about it?

This is the defining fork. And like a real fork, there are more than two tines or paths. There are hundreds, if not thousands, staring you down.

Looking at them all is confusing and horrid. Some are icy and steep. Others are covered in nails and broken glass. Many converge and connect further down the line forming yet more forks.

It’s a hot mess of options.

Take one that seems easy and you’ll find yourself with an extra 30 pounds of fat and a crappy relationship.

Go with the super steep and lonely one and you may find yourself at a windy precipice with no one to talk you down.

None of them are correct, and in fact, all of them meander and meet up again further down the line. As long as you are still game for the walk, there will always be a path. Even if you have to hack a new one out of the underbrush of deceit or tunnel through a mountain of dogma.

Your path is out there. It may not be the one you’re on right now. In fact, it probably isn’t. Don’t let the uncertainty bring you down. Our special project is to become acquainted with uncertainty.

Be able to embrace it while not falling in love with it. Remember, you’ve pointed your compass in a general direction.

The peculiar goal of humanity is to make all of our plans for happiness with full knowledge that we exist in a chaotic universe.

I think it’s pretty peachy keen. But I have been hit in the head a few times.

Some get depressed ruminating on the infinity of sorrow that could find them tomorrow. A car wreck. Death. Earthquakes. Fire. Lay-offs. Sickness. Shame.

It’s all out there. Swirling in the cosmos. Both macro and micro.

Don’t sweat it! Look at the flip side.

Chaos is also known to bring good tidings. Especially for those who understand the nature of it and position their sails correctly.

How? What must we do?! We all want the super secret life hacks that will tell us the exact angle to tack our sails so as to catch the glorious winds of chaos and benefit ourselves.

Well, luckily you’re reading my blog. That’s why I’m called the “Hack” mann. Phew, I’ve been waiting to get that one off my chest.

Well screw you. There is no one-size fits all lifestyle positioning trick. There are infinite options and in that lies your secret. Most people don’t realize that infinity goes both outwards into the universe and also into the cells you’re made of. In fact, the so-called material world we live in consists of 99.9999% space.

But you’re here and spent the time reading so I’ll just reiterate what I’ve already said as my little daily morsel of soul food.

Luck is just preparation meeting with opportunity. Be a good Boy Scout and be prepared for chaos and you can never be let down.