Why You Hate Your Job

I’m sorry, I wasn’t speaking to YOU. I know YOU love your job. YOU can stop reading this.

Now that they’re gone, we can chat.

So, you hate your job? I’ve been there. I’m close to there currently. I dislike my job right now. I don’t hate it yet, but if it weren’t a seasonal position that was about to end anyways, I could see hate as the next logical step.

Oh well, you gotta make a living right? Yes, and no.

You must provide for your own material existence and those who are dependent on you. Yes.

You must do something you dislike or hate to provide said material existence. No.

Ah, and now you think I’m going to suggest you do something you looove to provide material necessities. Yes and no.

You want to be a singer/dancer/musician/painter/naturalist/athlete but either none of them pay enough or they require exceptional talent that few possess.

Well then, I guess YOU should go back to your cubicle/service counter and stop reading this also.

Let’s take a trip into your mind. Better yet how about you do that yourself. I’ll stay out. But go in with this question:

What choices are immediately available to me, that go in the direction of what I love, that I am ignoring due to what someone else might think?

Could be your father, your spouse, your boss, your friend group, yourself, anyone whose opinion of you would change. Really it is everybody.

My god what would they all think of you? How could you quit your job, sell your car and not renew your lease, then have the audacity to move to Colombia for three months to learn Spanish?! You selfish monster.

Or sweet Jesus, she’s lost her mind. She’s going to night school to learn welding? Coming back with burnt trousers and burns on her fingers? Why can’t she just be satisfied taking customer complaints all day? She will fail.

The thing is people assume you will fail if you try something new. Or worse they’ll softly and falsely wish you luck, waiting for you to fail so they can justify their own lack of ambition.

The thing is, you might fail. And that’s ok. I’m not here to motivate you and give you reasons to keep going. Either you have them inside or you don’t. All I want is for you to ask the question to yourself:

What would I do if I listened to no one else’s opinion about what I REALLY want to do?

I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with my job?

Imagine: You’re looking through a telescope at a crazy beautiful mountain peak of what you desire.

When you take your eye away from the lens you get the perspective of all the shit in the way. That peak is FAR AWAY! There are seas between you and it. Those seas are full of sharks! There are dark jungles full of venomous snakes disguised as branches.

Or worse, you could run into this guy:

The jungle turns into freezing high plain steppes with no water. Then treacherous foothills traverse crevasse laden glaciers full of skeletons. Finally you’ve got to climb vertically with an old worn out cotton rope for safety and your bloody raw frostbitten fingers.

All of this to get to that happy peak of perfection that you saw from far away. From where it looked desirous. You might not like it when you’re there. You might end up not liking it 1/10th of the way there.

The real secret is that, in the end, the peak was never the purpose.

Right now you are sitting in a plush chair surrounded by friends doing the same. Probably drinking cold drinks and laughing at the latest binge-worthy content. You can take it easy forever. A paycheck is the soft pillow beneath your ass or worse, it could be a pair of gold handcuffs that you’re still $89,000 in debt for. Why should you get up? How could you?

A job is a social signal that you are ok and no one needs to judge or worry about you. And if you are truly happy knowing this then I love you for it.

Liking where YOU are in life is not bad at all. But why are YOU still reading this? I thought I told YOU to stop reading this at the beginning.


I’m talking to you.

You know you can do more. You might even know what it is and can see it in the distance. You might have no idea, but are scared to begin the introspection to find out. And why should you? At least there’s a check in the bank account next week.

This is why you hate your job. It’s easier than hating yourself. At least hating yourself leads to real answers.

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