Preach. I voted for her, and it kills me to see Trump at the helm, but that doesn’t mean she…
Stephen Corwin

This is the dumbest thing i’ve read.

Bernie Sanders LOST THE PRIMARY. Do you understand that? there is no evidence he would have fared well against Trump because he was unvetted, the Republicans were gearing up for Sanders and their opp research on him was deep.

It was some pathetic progressives who sought to drag Hillary down to Donald’s level because their man didn’t win. Well now you have nothing.

Well done, slicing off your nose to spite your face. Hillary was the only candidate who respected for me , as a voter, to give me details. In her speeches and interviews, she spoke at length , with great depth, about the economy. I got slogans from Trump — even Sanders. So don’t even think you can get away with Bullcrap like “She fucked us over’ — NO VOTERS FUCKED THEMSELVES OVER and need take responsibility for their shit.