Designing @ Alkami Technology

A digital banking solution, specializing in credit unions

My Role

I was the lead designer for a team of six designers and developers, where I was responsible for producing high-fidelity designs and frontend development/architecture. I also trained our new hires and conducted design reviews to ensure that our designs fit within our established patterns.

Our team was responsible for generating designs for features requested by our clients and product team. Throughout this process, we oversaw several transitions including:

  • Implementation of knockout.js, angular.js
  • Implementation of SCSS and restructuring our frontend architecture
  • Conversion from Fireworks to Sketch
  • Moving from mobile web to a mobile native experience

Company Growth & Transition

From a small start-up of under 20, to a now 200+ employee business, Alkami saw tremendous growth during my three years. In that time, we went through several organizational changes to better define our roles and I transitioned from being a designer/developer hybrid, to a full-time designer.

This required building a dedicated frontend team and allowed us to establish processes so that designers and developers could working together effectively.


Our design team worked very closely with our product team to plan out what features would be delivered each two-week sprint. Having both product and development representation in our planning meetings was critical to our successful launches. Because we insisted that all negotiations between sales and product were finalized before our planning meetings, we were able to efficiently plan around a pre-prioritized list.

Glyphs I created for our internal departments

Primary Focus

While I oversaw designs for all of our products, my main focus was designing for the mobile platform.

Working on mobile projects taught me the importance of simplifying content. I focused on cutting down superfluous copy to help make decision-making on a screen more intuitive.

Company Vision

At Alkami, we embraced our namesake: turning lead into gold. Our goal was to never settle for what our competitors were doing, and to make a great experience for our clients and their members.