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How long can Pence play dumb? The problem is, he’s not playing. I live in Indiana, and my husband works in the labs at the Indiana State Department of Health. When Pence first became governor, he visited the labs. After he spoke to the supervisors, they pointed him toward my husband, who is both a smart-alec and a practical joker. They knew this would be good.

When Pence approached my husband, he was spinning blood in a centrifuge, and was gowned and gloved. My husband reached out his hand, and when Pence reached for it, he quickly pulled it back, saying “Laboratory 101 — never shake hands with a man in gloves!”

Pence is also awfully easily impressed. He asked my husband what training he’d had to do his work. Ed mentioned his biology training, but what Pence seized on was that he’d been a zookeeper for a while. As he was walking away, he was wide-eyed, asking the supervisors, “Did you know he was a ZOOKEEPER?”