What I’ve Learned About Navigating Companies Through Change
Patti Sanchez

Thank you for writing this article, it is a great conversation that continues to gain importance. Human innovation is accelerating rapidly and change follows. There is one stumbling block that I have observed and validated with peers and consultants which often trip up change leaders.

They probably need to change too.

Leaders are generally brilliant at picking new destinations, that’s why they are leaders. In many cases, they have been there before or know people who have so they have a map to get there…they think. The speed of innovation has changed the landscape like a flooding river. If the leader stays the course (uses dated experience, tools, methods, etc.) it will make the change much harder, it will erode trust, good people will be lost.

To succeed, the leader needs to ask for help from people that understand the landscape and the people. The experts may tell the leader the map is wrong, it is the wrong timing, or even that they destination may not be the right one.

The flood took out the leader’s path but the scouts found a new one that is faster and easier or maybe they found a plane.

In a nutshell, the leader may have to change in order to get where they need to be and change is hard. Maybe the leader is the one dropped in the wilderness and their team is the guide. How would you treat your guide?