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When I waitressed, there was a short period of time I was getting 40+ hours because I was the only one who would work whatever shift I got. (Mostly because I was getting health insurance if I averaged 32 hours a week at that point and I was desperate for that health insurance.) The clopens weren’t like Starbucks, for example, but there were nights I’d close and not get home until after 2am, and then have to be back by 9am to set up the counters. It was harder for me than most because of my knock-you-the-eff-out anti-anxiety meds, so waking up was ROUGH. It was still a solid 6–7 hours of sleep, and after a few shots of espresso I was fine. And those hours and tips were well worth it, especially during an era when no one else could find a job (‘08-ish) I would be PISSED if the government said I was not allowed to work if I wanted to!

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