Place matters when considering what the campus should provide for its inhabitants because of many reasons. One reason is it creates a genre for people to act a certain way. Behavior of a person depends on where they are because people play different roles when they are in different places.

For example, when I am at work, I act a certain way compared to when I am in my apartment with my roommates. When I am at work, I am a role model to a class of third graders. I tutor at an afterschool program so I teach the students when they have questions. When I am at my apartment with my roommates, we joke around, have fun, and are peers to one another.

The way I act is different if I am in class compared to when I am at home with my family. When I am in class, I need to pay attention to my professor as well as complete assignments, participate, ask questions if I have some, and fulfill any other expectations that are set for me. When I am at home, I am silly, goofy, I can be more laid back and hang out with my sisters. My mom and dad doesn’t set anymore expectations for my sisters and I because we are all older.

People also play different roles depending on their age. How one behaves as an infant compared to an elderly and the ages in between varies greatly. An example of this is an infant and the events that occur to provide the infant with the feeling of space.

“An Infant is occasionally picked up to be burped, played with, and consoled” (Tuan, Space & Place, 20, 21).

This will create an environment where the infant will feel that he or she will have someone there to release the uncomfortable feeling of bloatedness, not having company, and attended to when needed. The infant will feel safe and feel protected in the environment if their guardian proves to them that they are being watched over.

A teenager on the other hand may do as he or she feels, talk back to his or her parents, follow the crowd of friends and do things they don’t want to because of peer pressure. This will cause them to view the space and place they are in in a different manner compared to the infant.

When considering how one feels about a place, knowledge plays a large factor in how one feels about a place.

“Feeling for place is influenced by knowledge, by knowing such basic facts as whether the lace is natural or man-made and whether it is relatively large or small.” (Tuan, Space & Place, 3).

My experience of campus is unique because of different reasons. For one, I am involved in a coed community service fraternity on campus and we have a Spring dance competition that is held every Spring. We form a dance team and practice in the dance studio rooms at the arc. Every time I walk by these rooms now it reminds me of my dance practices with my team. If I didn’t join the dance team, I wouldn’t have had practices in the dance studio rooms, and I most likely would not go to the arc before gradating. It made a difference to my experience on campus because I am utilizing the campus and it’s facilities. I was not a leader in my dance team but just learning and following the choreographers as they teach.

I am also involved in a club called Teachers of Tomorrow where future teachers join and are offered resources in order to support them with becoming a teacher. Because I joined this club, I was able to learn about the teaching credential program at UCI, apply, and get accepted into it. I will be starting my Multiple Subject teaching credential program this September and am excited to do so. If it wasn’t for this club, I wouldn’t have attended meetings, in the room it was held and wouldn’t have met future teachers who are have similar goals as me. “There are those who are simple on the receiving end of time-space compression” (Massey, A Global Sense of Space, 5).

Rose has a different perspective from Tuan when it comes to the idea of a place. Tuan believes that knowledge influences how one feels about a place. Whereas Rose believes that a place is considered something else depending on women.

“Place is feminized as an Other at the expense of women” (Rose, No Place for Women, 6).

There are times where people may feel overwhelmed from the environment they are in from feelings of sadness, anger, or even happiness but although they may feel these feelings and want to leave the environment, that doesn’t mean they are completely detached from an environment.

“As man and environment engage each other dialectically, there is no room in a humanistic perspective for a passive concept of man dutifully acquiescing to a overbearing environment” (Rose, No Place for Women, 7).

This can be a feeling that people do not realize. They may think they are detached from the environment and their surrounding, but they really are not. They may bond more to the environment then they think they are.

“But neither is man fully free, for he inherits given structural conditions and, indeed, may be unaware of the full extent of his bondage” (Rose, No Place for Women, 7).

This part of the campus is distinctive to me because of my personal experience.

When I dance, I am stress free and I am able to express myself in a comfortable manner.

“When people dance they move forward, sideways, and even backward with ease” (Tuan, Space & Place, 128–129).

Rose discusses about how women are considered 2nd class citizens compared to men. She takes a feminist perspective and states that women and men should be treated equally but they are not.

Massey stresses how globalization and international ideas of space and place have impacted space and place. Massey also talks about how the powerful countries expand, the weaker countries continue to lose to them. Massey understands the concept that because the more powerful countries are growing, the underdogs are decreasing and this is uneven.

I am intrigued by how much a place affects people who are in it. I never thought about the fact that I behave differently depending on where I am. This makes me question whether I am being myself at all times. I wonder if I act differently does that make me the same person or maybe I have different roles I play in my life so I act differently accordingly. I used to think that since we are in the 21st century sexism, does not exist anymore. I am not sure if I still feel the same way after reading what Rose has argued. After reading what Massey had to say about the more powerful countries growing and the weaker ones becoming weaker it makes me disappointed in our society. I believed that we are more modernized than that. I believed that our society should be more sharing and caring than that but I could be wrong.

What confuses me is the idea of space. Space is an abstract idea that is a bit confusing for me to grasp and understand. It is interesting though to try to dissect it in order to understand it. It makes sense though when I think about how space affects how people interact with one another. It is also something I am always thinking about now when I am at a certain spot with certain people. I noticed that I behave differently when I am at a specific location with certain people compared to if I was at a different spot with different people.

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