Eat Your God Damn Lunch

Taking a lunch break can boost your productivity. Image source: Unsplash @Matthew Hamilton

Well… What I meant to say is “Turn your god damn computer and phone off, sit down, and eat your lunch.” Chew. Savor. Swallow.

It sounds so basic, right? But, let’s think about this for a minute. Last week, how many times did you eat at your desk in front of your computer, chewing food while replying to your colleagues’ messages on slack? I am guilty of my own accusation, but I am writing this because I think it is time that we stop this.

I’ve been working from home ever since my kids were born (they turned 4 this year). A lot of people think that working from home looks like..roaming around the house, answering few calls, doing dishes, and taking the dog out for a walk. As someone likes to say — wrong, wrong, and wrong.

It is more like non-stop writing, emails, reviewing contracts, back-to-back calls, and working on the client presentation deliverables and decks without bathroom or lunch breaks. Now, I would like to make it very clear that no one is making me to work like this — it is just knowing I have limited hours; being in an environment where I can be totally focused, and being my own boss, I need to be productive at the maximum level.

Then, I realized that I was really struggling with tasks that require brain power, such as brainstorming new ideas, strategic thinking, and critical reasoning, analyzing and synthesizing information. That was a big problem because that is what I do best, when I have the most fun, and when I add value to my clients. I am the strategy, ideas, and insights lady, and my brain wasn’t working.

Of course! It is scientifically proven that our brain works better when we rest our brain. We need to not think to be able to think. We need to turn things off, to turn things on in our brain.

I will be honest. I still don’t get to sit at the table or take a walk to a deli to eat lunch everyday. But, I try at least couple times a week. So should you if you work from home like I do. It might seem like a waste of time at first. It might make you nervous and think that you should be using that lunch hour to reply to your emails and tweets. But, trust me. You will be much more energized and productive in the afternoon when you take that half an hour break.

Give yourself a lunch break and get out today. Walk to that Deli that you always wanted to check out. Enjoy your food. Rest your brain and refresh your mind and attitude. Just don’t forget to come back to your desk — oh I know how tempting it is…to take two hours lunch breaks. ;)

Happy WFH!