Case Study: Designing for Debt Management


Design Goals

  1. Develop an identity for debt management that resonates with users
  2. Create an MVP prototype of the debt simulation dashboard to gather feedback from Beta users
  3. Launch an MVP web app to Beta users to gather feedback and iterate on the design and UX


  1. Research, product strategy and planning
  2. Iterations through sketching and low-fidelity wireframing
  3. Wireframing concepts
  4. Creation of a style guide
  5. Developing a user journey for the prototype
  6. Visual design and prototype creation

Favorite Design Tools

  • Steps 1–2: Pen, paper, dot grid books
  • Steps 3–5: Sketch, Balsamiq or Omnigraffle
  • Step 6: Sketch, Flinto, Principle, InVision


Early logo sketches
Logo sketches exploring abstract graph marks.

Initial Logos “Missed the Mark”

Missed the “mark” on this approach
Rough sketch for final logo
Finding the letter-forms from the rough sketch
Focused on refining the curve of the letter-forms
The spacing is a little off
The “E” was a problem area

Final Iterations

Exploring variations of the curves for the final logo.
Explorations of serif letter-forms

The User Journey

Low-Fidelity Wireframe

Focus Areas of the Dashboard

  • Total Interest
  • Total Loan Amount
  • Date of Payoff
  • All Loans (graph)
  • Simulation of All Loans (graph)
Rough sketches of the UI dashboard


Wireframe of the Loan set-up onboarding

Design Solution

Prototyping the Dashboard Layout


UI Style Guide




Designer @Google, teaching with @GirlsWhoCode & @trydesignlab, occasional illustrator

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Kelly Dern

Kelly Dern

Designer @Google, teaching with @GirlsWhoCode & @trydesignlab, occasional illustrator

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