Inclusive Design Lab Illustration Process

Illustrations and visual design for the web app and card game

Originally conceived as a deck of playing cards, Inclusive Design Works is an empathy-building tool for designers and creators.


  • Launched inclusive card game
  • Defined illustration style for card game and inclusive web app. Defined and launched visual style for the web app.
  • Featured at Google I/O, Grace Hopper, SF Design Week
  • Received Google Product Excellence Award


This project was originally physical cards that have been featured at Google I/O, Grace Hopper, and SF Design Week with much success.

This year, we wanted to scale these magical moments with a web app that everyone can use.


Shannon May — Brand, Art
Ryan Kiley — Visual design
Kelly Dern — Illustrations
Archana Sankaranarayanan- UXE
Leecy Li — Product Manager, Illustrations
Catherine Idylle — Design Lead
Sunja Culley — Motion Design

Narrative thread explorations

Exploration in shapes and motions

Due to the sensitive nature of representing permanent and situational impairments, the shapes were abstracted

Brand themes:


Using these brand themes as guideposts, we defined some narrative threads themes:

  • Common, recognizable objects
  • Abstract shapes

Shape and texture

I explored how we can use texture and gesture to further abstract the shapes. The subjects were sensitive and abstract, so I attempted to further remove from characters.

Subtle motion design

Color testing and placement in the UI

To test the palette and feel of the illustrations and motion design, we placed in the web app UI to visualize.

Google I/O card game launch



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Kelly Dern

Video UX Designer @Google, interested in chronic health tech, occasional illustrator