Why we’re engineering a better bra, and how we’re doing it
Mona Zhang

Availability in sizes.

I’m a super plus person with very large-volume breasts. My top issue has been that I literally have maybe 2 places in the world that I have found that carry bras in my size. One of those places has bras that fit and make “ideal” lift, but also damages my tissues enough they scab and bruise and take days to heal. The other place (which is my go-to, now) is forgettably-comfortable and supportive enough but doesn’t have much lift and is a sports-bra type bra so it shows out of most of my clothing.

I am due with a baby soon and EVEN BIGGER nursing bras are a totally different issue.

Forget me ever finding a cute “date night” bra.

I would loooove to have options.

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