My Psilocybin Testimonial

Recently I was asked by Decriminalize Nature Hazel Park, a local chapter of Decriminalize Nature a nation wide organization working to help legalize magic mushrooms, to record a testimonial. They are collecting the testimonials of psilocybin mushroom users to create a package to give to the Hazel Park city council in hopes the city will decriminalize psilocybin.

Here is my psilocybin/magic mushroom testimonial:

Desperation lead me to what is commonly known as magic mushrooms. I had been trapped in a decade long episode of treatment resistant depression. This ongoing and ever deepening depression was due to undiagnosed mental illness and personal trauma’s I had experienced over the course of my life.

In truth I started reaching out for help from the American mental health care system early on in life, but I never really got any. In 1990 I was 12 when I was first tested for what was then called ADD. But as we now know girls present differently than boys and medical sexism is very real and I got caught in it when me and my parents were told I didn’t have ADD I was just a manipulative little girl. The rest of my life would continue to spiral out of control due to this misdiagnoses for the next thirty years.

In my early twenties I began the long journey of searching for a therapist to match my needs without knowing just what those needs were. I went from free clinic to free clinic. I gave up looking for a few years. I went back. I gave up. The cycle went round and round as my life got worse and worse.

I finally got stuck in what would turn into a decade long bout of treatment resistant depression at the end of which I very nearly committed suicide.

By this point I had been given so many bottle of pills that didn’t work, or made me feel so much worse physically that the mental gain wasn’t worth the pain. I had been ignored repeatedly when I said I think I have ADHD. I was treated as a pill seeker and told by a supposed professional that I couldn’t possible have ADHD because humans outgrow it at 18.

I had gone out and I had looked for help the legal way, the way they tell you too. Instead I was insulted, demeaned, criminalized without cause, and ignored.

So yes, I was ready to kill myself at 40 years old.

But then I began to hear about magic mushrooms and the promise they provided to treatment resistant depression. This was not a hard sell for me. It didn’t take long before I had a small box of dirt sitting on the windowsill of my home office.

Psilocybin mushrooms yanked me out of that depression brain first. Not only did I stop considering suicide, but I’ve taken it further. I now use what is called microdosing to control my ADHD. Four days a week I take a very small dose of psilocybin and it has completely changed my behavior, outlook on life, productivity levels and my relationships with friends and family.

Psilocybin is the only medicine that has ever worked for me. Not only does it do for my mental and emotional state what it promises, but unlike most pills, it doesn’t destroy my internal organs at the same time. For once the cure is not worse than the illness.

The ONLY down side to using mushrooms is the threat of imprisonment. That’s it. I should not be afraid of going to prison for the very medicine that is saving my life.



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