The Fixation with Illusion

Tulips and Candles

I consistently fall for men I have never met

Daydreaming a romance unlike any other

Thrusting my fantasies onto him

Imploring him to be the man I have been waiting for

The lover I was promised

Alas, time passes and the fascination fades.

We lose the opportunity to devour each other,

React to one another's pheromones.

Life requires the hunt to continue

To comb my immediate surroundings for him

Yet the Pickens are slim.

I do not desire perfection

Simply animalistic connection.



Life is a gift.

Society is a curse.

The ocean has claimed many lives

She will continue to take more

How does it feel to have her smother you

To lose sight of which way is up

Would it be excruciating?

To return to the source

Whether there are other dimensions

Or infinite darkness

The time for answers is approaching

I walk into her fierce waves and let them carry me out

Further and further still

My body is small in such a powerful force

Will the people I love forgive me?

I am finally free

My suffering has ended.



How do I begin to describe you?

Mother, Sister, Lover, Friend,

The wine we have drunk could satisfy a king.

The words we have spoken echo throughout eternity.

Invigorated by the exchange of our encounters with the world.

The people we have loved, lost, forsaken.

Mysteries of time, space, and the essence of life itself.

Philosophizing about what humans have become but who we still could be.

Your existence brings significance to mine.