How to Be More Productive Than Brian Finch on NZT

I don’t know if you have seen the film Limitless, if you haven’t you should!

There have been a spinoff show made and the lead character is Brian Finch who is an average guy who accidentally gets involved with NZT.

He takes NZT and is able to solve the hardest of crimes, save people’s lives and he’s pretty funny too.

I often think what could I achieve if I were on NZT for the day?

I love being productive; I get a high out of it tbh! So I thought I would share my best tips to ensure you are the most productive you can be without taking illegal or made up drugs!

Always plan the following day at the end of your current day.

By planning your time you don’t waste a minute thinking about what you have to do. You can go straight to your list, get out everything you need to complete the first task and just get on with it. It is also a great way to see what you have achieved that day, giving you a sense of accomplishment.

If it will take you less than 5 minutes, do it now

Don’t put things off if they are going to take you a few minutes. If you are working on a project and in ‘eyes down’ mode your Internet should be off and your phone should be out of reach too. So I don’t mean if you are interrupted with a small job to do it straight away.

Something that comes up when you are between tasks and think you will do it later. You use brainpower trying to remember to do it later. The more you have to remember for later the less focus you will have on current tasks.

Have set times to check your emails

Constantly checking your emails throughout the day will mean you are stealing time away from your money-making tasks. Having set times will mean your recipient will know when to expect a reply. This can be advised in your auto-responder so you don’t have someone resending the email after an hour or so. It happens believe me!

Plan your time in 30 minutes blocks

30 minutes is a good round number to plan your diary around. Blocking off time throughout your week for set tasks, appointments, writing or even having a break ensure that you run your business as efficiently as possible.

I suggest working in either 30/60 or 90-minute blocks depending on what the task is. I would not suggest blocking off more than 4 hours in a day on one tasks or working straight for that amount of time. You will get lethargic and your work will suffer. Get a timer and see what works for you. If I have a few smaller tasks I do 25 minutes work with a 5-minute break for 4 rounds. I would say 90 minutes would be the maximum for one task — this is usually writing as any less and you are just getting into the swing of it and the alarm goes off.

Have checklists for tasks you do regularly

When you are maxed out, stressed and tired it’s hard to remember the simplest of things. Even if you have done it hundreds of times, we are human after all. Having a simple checklist you can quickly run through ensure you haven’t missed any vital steps out and it also gives you peace of mind. Next time you complete a task that you do regularly why not set up a checklist you can use for the future. P.S this is also great to use when you outsource tasks.

Do client check ins / sales calls on a set day(s) of the week

It works well to complete similar tasks in blocks. If you have your calls at all different random days and times it will be harder to flip between tasks. It is said when you go from one tasks to another it can take up to 20 minutes to get into the swing of it!

If you ‘batch’ your work and do them all in a day or even a morning it will ensure that you are more time efficient, calls wont run over as you know you have other calls to get on with and it will mean your clients are more concise with their questions rather than having a general chat. I would suggest using something like or
 to ensure you don’t miss any calls or double book yourself.

Keep a tidy desk

Anyone that says they work well in a disorganised environment or that its ‘organised mess’ telling porky pies. Basically it means you’re winging it and trying the best you can with what you have.

So if you are working at a cluttered desk IMAGINE how much more you’d achieve if you cleared your desk, filed things away appropriately and you never had to scramble through tonnes of paperwork to find that one piece you need. Tidying your desk should be done after each task has been done so you can get out only what you need for the next task. Then at the end of the day clear away everything. Clear your desk and file paperwork, empty the bin and take away old cups or glasses. Just have your following days to do list out.

Turn off the WI-FI when you’re writing

Have you ever started writing something and then an email pings up or a Facebook notification pops up on the screen. Then before you know its 30 minutes later you’re trawling through your newsfeed and you forgot all about what you were writing about!

Turning off the Wi-Fi removes that temptation and forces you to do the work. N.B I would also remove all notifications from your phone and PC for social media and emails and only have them for call and texts so you can choose when you go into them rather you being tempted by a notification. I would even go as far as to put your phone on airplane mode when you are doing your focused work!

Join the 5am-6am Club

This is probably the best piece of advice I can give you as a business owner. Get up earlier and do your MUST DO’s before anyone else can distract you or until you get stuck in to your main work. This is the ideal time for me to train, as if I don’t go first thing I will get caught up working or I will think of 1 million reasons why I can’t work out! When I come back from the gym I am invigorated and I plough through my work. By the time my daughter/husband get up around 7.30–8am I have made a massive dent in my workload. Try this for a week and I bet you will have achieved so much more than you usually would.

And there you have it.

My top tips on being a productive worker when you have no boss to answer to or anyone to check on you. Do you practice any of these habits? I would love to hear which are your favourite.

Or perhaps you are thinking of giving one of mine a try.

Comment below with which one and let me know how you get on with it in a few weeks.

Any questions please feel free to email me at