Why British People Are Ashamed To Be British

Kelly Martin
Oct 30 · 5 min read

Brexit…The Final Frontier!

British Flag Brexit
British Flag Brexit

How does this flag make you feel?

The reason I am asking is that after watching a very powerful interview with a journalist last night, I realise that the British flag has given me a feeling of something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. So, I began asking myself why. Apart from the agenda of the ‘elite’ and the influential of this world being very much to stop Brexit at all costs, I realise how indoctrinated I have been with the drip, drip, drip of manipulating my beliefs from a young age.

It makes me think about the time before the EU, before 1972, before I was born. Is this why the older generations have a much greater sense of British identity? And also why many of us, my generation and beyond, do not?

How few of us have faith that Britain as a sovereign identity can survive on its own and trade and connect with the world from this place?

I understand now why Donald Trump got into power. He filled the void that was left by a lack of identity in certain groups of American society. People had lost their sense of national pride. This pride does not come from racism or from being white, but from being influenced by the ‘elite’ back to the far darker aspects of society and culture instead of what is inspirational about American society.

When I was 16, I marched for an organisation called ‘Youth Against Racism in Europe’ in London. We marched as a student body against the British National Party/The National Front, a far-right racist group in the UK.

I have realised that as young people, we are naturally idealistic, naturally left wing — wanting a better, even perfect, society and this is why we protest and march and chant against the establishment, against the status quo. As we mature, we realise that reality is different, that our ideals are not attainable, that we have to compromise and that politics is the art of the possible.

And I understand that throughout my life, my unconscious, conditioned mind has been making me believe that to be British, to have a sovereign identity as a British woman, with a sense of pride for our culture, was shameful. I began to see the British flag as a symbol of racism and intolerance, even to the point that I wouldn’t buy anything that showed a Union Jack, and when I went backpacking in Australia and Malaysia, I wouldn’t display flags or badges that would indicate that I was from England.

The news media highlights primarily the prejudiced side of national identity, with football thugs on television…rarely showing the positive side of national identity and I think that because of this we have lost our sense of identity in the UK.

This loss of our sense of identity has only really occurred in England. The Scots, the Northern Irish and the Welsh still have a powerful sense of their identity, of their culture. Within the UK it is only the English that doesn’t have its own parliament, its own Assembly. Yes I know that the UK Parliament sits in England, in London, but it is not an English assembly, and within the UK parliament the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish have MPs representing their citizens and able to make policy affecting England, but the reverse is not true. The English do not have MPs sitting in their assemblies.

It’s true that the ‘elite’, the ‘influencers’, are in power in the UK Parliament, in the London ‘bubble’, often referred to as ‘within the M25’ ring road which surrounds the city, and that they ignore, as far as they can, the living conditions of the population outside of this ‘bubble’, in the North, the Midlands, and the South West.

But it’s important to realise that this group does not identify with being English, or British, because they are Global, so that the loss of identity has only occurred within the English population outside of this power group.

London bubble
London bubble

The Need To Belong

All of this means that it feels far easier to believe that we need the EU, as our home, our family, because we don’t know who we are anymore, and we have a deep need to belong.

And, for me, Brexit is nothing to do with immigration. I love that we have many cultures in the UK, but to have many cultures does not mean we have to lose our British culture. If I moved to Japan, I would not expect Japan to suddenly become British.

I feel that the EU, the UN…the major influential ‘elite’ and men and women in power are wanting to make us all the same. Much like our education system, where we get taught like robots (unless you go to more alternative schools like Steiner schools), to learn what we are given, with opposition against being different, unique and independent as human beings. Rebels are difficult to control.

So here we are, the ‘elite’ wanting to flatline all countries as one huge ‘same culture’, removing any semblance of national identity, pride and spirit, but at what cost?

All we need to do is to look at how many people are protesting around the world now. How many in other countries are losing their identity also?

And while more far-right parties are rising up, it is not the fault of the people, but exactly what the ‘elite’ want, to have this New World Order, where we can all be managed as ‘sheeple’ on a global scale.

The ‘elite’ tend to back both sides towards their agenda. For example, major corporations finance both Democrat and Republican representatives and senators in the USA.

I feel that the UK exiting the EU is a huge obstacle because we have been such an influential country for a long time, that if we exit…things could very quickly unravel for the EU.

So, it’s not just about the EU commission and leaders losing a lot of money from the UK, it is far deeper.

Anyone wanting to feel pride in Britain is being dehumanised by being called Racist and Fascist (aka. Leave Voters). It means that the ‘other’ can be viewed as immoral and wrong, thereby making those who are judging us, superior and right.

This is how I view it anyway. As always you are free to believe what you believe, just question if you have lost your national identity too and is it time that we Made Britain Great Again — AND NOT IN A TRUMP WAY!?

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