Why I Don’t Record My Live Events Anymore

From the first Live Marketing Event I attended (or didn’t attend for that matter) I’ve seen the Host record all of the sessions and make them available for sale to people who couldn’t attend — and usually as a gift for those who did.

Belanie Dishong Teaching at Beach Camp 2017 on Daytona Beach.

I think recording events is a cool thing to do — so I did it four times. Now I don’t and here’s why:

  1. My events are small. So far I’ve had 40 or fewer attendees. When you have a small room, you don’t need a microphone for amplification. This doesn’t just apply to speakers — attendees can pop their hand up and speak out a question and the speaker hears them fine. Running around with a mic to capture all the engagement feels ridiculous — but if you don’t, your recordings have a lot of one sided content confusing to the audio listeners later.
  2. Audio equipment can be pricey. The Beachpreneurs Beach Camp events Nicole Dean and I run are at hotels right on the beach in places like St. Petersburg and Daytona. We discovered AV costs are often triple that of what we’d pay in a landlocked area.
  3. Selling the recordings hasn’t provided a great ROI for me.

Since deciding to do away with recording equipment, I’ve enjoyed one less thing to pay attention to and fuss with during an event.

My Speakers & Attendees love it too. Speakers feel the freedom of being able to share content with an intimate group, often times giving them a bit of secret sauce they wouldn’t otherwise want to have floating about in a recording. Attendees are more engaged, having no fear that they’ll ask something silly and have it living into eternity online.

What you hear at one of my events is for YOU. That creates a special feeling and I love that.

Keeping Things Simple Is Good.

Since my first event in 2013 I’ve heard a hundred variations of ‘You must be so busy! So stressed! So frazzled!’ and it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

All of the work that makes my events great takes place in the year before it. Choosing great speakers, working out topics, deciding on the schedule, the flow… once I leave my home to head out to the event — I slip into a wonderful state of ‘I can’t wait to experience this with my people!’.

I don’t create a situation that creates stress for me or anyone else.

Me with one of my Youngest Event Attendees.

Will I Record Again Someday? Maybe.

I’m not anti-recording. I hope my 2018 events will have 50% growth in attendance. When I have 60+ people in a room, amplification will be more important and it’s possible I may decide to record Keynotes. We’ll see!

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