Thank you, thank you, thank you Kelly.
Nick G. Mason

Well before you paint me too brave sir, I must confess it was only a Tracfone-an Android yes-but with a screen so tiny and me with my “man hands” as I call them it made for a very uncomfortable internet viewing session. A client and good friend whose Mother was in my charge insisted I have a cell phone and promptly bought it for me. Who was I to say no seeing as how my old phone had bit the dust. I must admit I do miss the camera as I am forever looking for the purrfect picture of my fur babies, but I remedied that by dusting off the old digital camera which has much better resolution anyway. I am a wee bit addicted to my pc however so I do understand the proclivity, I am just one of those people that has to have a day now and again when nobody gets to find me, if I didn’t I would go insane I’m afraid. Yes short trip I know, but I’m hanging in there like the rest of you. I do so enjoy our chats and I will take you up on that walk in the snow anytime, one of my favorite things to do.

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