SOOOO a lot of people are asking me, “Hey Kel, what’s the point of protesting? Like….we can’t change anything now.”


And I’m like, “Look guys, if you think you fucked up and could have done something to prevent this, just wait until you don’t even have a say on bills that will be shoved through the Republican Congress and made Federal law.

Are you just going to sit there and say, well, that’s how the government works? I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT RN.

So listen up. Here’s the game plan guys… and I’ve done it in a top ten list form cuz thats how we roll these days, and I cut that shit in half so here’s the top 5:

5. If you give 2 fucks about, oh let’s see, the environment, women’s rights, minority protection, education, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, privatization of social security and a whole hell of a lot more issues that are now under imminent threat under a Trump presidency then you better #TURNOUT in D.C.

4. This is an issues based protest so if you wanna chat about who supported Hillary, Bernie , Trump or whoever, this is not the protest for you. That shit is over and we need to find common ground and come together… like now.

3. Can’t make it to D.C. I get it, but here’s what you could do. Share the FB invite with your friends. Donate to help us cover costs. Share one of the images in our gallery on your social media account. Visit our contact spreadsheet of national organizations, student unions, media outlets, celebrities, ect. and ask them to TURN THE FUCK OUT.

2. If you can make it, great, buy your plane, train, bus ticket now and let’s roll. The revolution needs ya. Oh and bring all your friends too.


For those of you that are still on the ol fence because you’re just not sure if your presence will change anything or make a difference just remember that any civil liberties movement, like in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD started with small victories and protesting in solidarity.

Ok, that’s it. Luv uuuuu!