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Originally built in the 1800’s the schoolhouse and the exquisitely updated Victorian at Theorem Vineyards.

It’s one of the most exclusive views in Napa Valley, easily enjoyed at Theorem Vineyards.

Straddling two mountain AVA’s, where the Mayacamas and the Vaca Mountains meet, is a one of a kind view of the sometimes snow-capped Mount Saint Helena. 44th highest peak in the U.S. with an elevation of 4,342 feet as part of the Mayacamas. The Wappo Indians once called this land home. The Wappo settled in Napa Valley, about 2000 BC. They revered Mount Saint Helena. Their history holds a myriad of memories in a mystical part of Napa Valley.

The air is fresh, the sky incredibly clear. The view, one of the most breathtaking you will encounter in Napa Valley. Located just above the intersection of Petrified Forest Road and Calistoga Road is Theorem Vineyards, and one of the most breathtaking views you will encounter in Napa Valley. Theorem Vineyards grows wine from two mountain AVA’s, Diamond Mountain and Moon Mountain adding to the unique nature of their brand. …

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Do you love exclusive offerings? Wine no one else can get? I’m sitting down with Raymond Vineyards, Bill Farmer to get more insight on what this means. Farmer has been there from the beginning of the Boisset reign of Raymond Vineyards. This luscious property is distinctive both in wine and experiences.

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One of many of the exclusive small lot wines.

Named after the family that founded Raymond Vineyards, their history began in 1933. This is the year the family moved to Napa Valley. Roy Raymond would begin his winemaking career with Beringer and stay for 37 years! Shortly after they became related to the Beringer family by marriage. Their farming and winemaking interests grew over the years leading up to 1970. This was the year they would go “all in”. The family purchased 90 acres of Rutherford property. …

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The grounds are soaking up the last of the misty rain as the fog pulls away from the mountains. I’m entering the drive of St. Supery, located off of Highway 29 in St. Helena. The tree-lined entrance leads up to a giant oak tree. Behind it, a historic home preserved for private wine tasting experiences and the winery. Puddles here and there as I make my way to the front door of the wine tasting room. …


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A glass of Fantesca’s King Richard’s Reserve

Located one and a half miles from Hwy 29 in St. Helena and a thousand miles away from the hustle and bustle of Napa Valley. Fantesca Estates is in the Spring Mountain District AVA. This AVA (America Viticulture Area) straddles both Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. The Mayacama Mountains separate the two. Climate fluctuates with influence from the sea and fog providing an optimal climate. …

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It was 2001 and Delia Viader’s 1997 vintage of VIADER, the winery’s flagship red blend would be singled out as California’s sole wine to make it in to the top 10 of the top 100 list.

Diminutive and slight, its difficult to imagine Delia Viader taking on Napa Valley with her namesake, Viader Vineyards, in the early 80’s. But take it on she did. Dominated by testosterone & tradition, Napa Valley was a man’s realm. There were few women (if any) starting up a winery and doing their own farming and winemaking. Particularly young female upstart Vintners. But this well educated (Ph.D.), single mother of four, had a mission. That mission was to provide a legacy for her children. She came armed with multiple degrees and a passion for success. …

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Sensing the history was a bit deeper than I knew of the winery located on Larkmead Lane I began a little digging. Frank Family Vineyards is the third oldest wineries in the Napa Valley region circa 1884. Located on Larkmead Road, in Calistoga, it has a prominent place in the history books as the land was once owned by a wealthy San Francisco woman, Lillie Hitchcock Coit. The Coit Tower was named in her honor. …


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Mumm Napa harvest vineyard workers just after sunrise.

The Napa harvest is one of the most exciting times of the year where I live. I’m perched above the Napa River, sitting on the second floor of my writing nook listening to the somewhat irritating popping of the bird cannon in the distance. The cannons have been going off on the Napa side of Carneros for several weeks. This is a sure sign that véraison (the French term describing the ripening color of grapes) has arrived and the Napa harvest and fermentation are near. The grapes need to be protected from voracious birds. The most famous for their impact on the vineyards are starlings who migrate to Napa in time for véraison. Smart birds! …

Schramsberg is likely the greatest sparkling wine in the business.

This season, keep your eyes on the bubbles. Sparkling wine & the French version, Champagne, are synonymous with celebration. These fabulous concoctions deserve a place in our everyday life. Not reserved solely for celebration. Before you purchase that next bottle, sink your teeth into this: sparkling wines and champagne run about ten calories less per glass than a red or sweet wine. Every day should be a celebration!

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Schramsberg has built a reputation out of quality, dedication and vision. Creating the best possible sparkling in the business is what they’re known for. They don’t stop there. Schramsberg also carries quality stills with their Davies, J. …

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If I were visiting Downtown Napa without a car here’s how I would roll…

  1. Head to the Downtown Napa tasting rooms. There are many. A few places I love, Gustavo, The Wine Thief, JaM Cellars, John Anthony, and Mark Herold Wines. Back Room Wines does weekly walk-in tastings, you can stay on top of their events by liking their Facebook Page.
  2. Visit the wineries in The Crusher District. These are up and coming vintners with excellent products. You can Uber in and Uber out for about $8–10 each way. …

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Trinchero Napa Valley’s Outstanding New Tasting Room

Getting a sneak peak into an incredibly successful family owned wine estate is truly an honor, but when they do it on your birthday, it’s a special treat. I had just that luck when I attended the press event for Trinchero Family Winery’s new tasting room and VIP facilities. Featuring over 5,000 sq ft of modern California-style design it embraces the Trinchero family history while embracing today’s quality driven consumer.

The drive from Napa to Trinchero is reasonably quick. It’s located “up valley” about 30 minutes from Downtown Napa in St. Helena. The entrance to the winery is breathtaking and gives you a delicious panoramic view some of the 58 acres of St. …


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