A Trip to Fill up the Boat

Kelly Moulton
Jul 9 · 3 min read

Every once in a while you say to the family “I´m off to fill up the boat” and you slip out the side door and down to the dock.

The weather has been a bit, shall we say, challenging, these past few days in Bergen and now the sky had cleared, it was blue again, a bit of a breeze but fine conditions for a “walkabout” in the boat.

I live in Fanahammeren and my local marina is Hjellestad.

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Trip Log from SmartBoat One

I also wanted to move the boat to a marina slip we just signed up for in Hordnes, just across the water from our home — Nødtvedt Marina. We´re going away for 10 days.

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Your author drifting past Fanakrå

Since it was just myself, once I made it past Fanakrå, I opened it up and went 38 knop through fanafjorden, standing up while driving to feel the wind. I only partially opened the kalejse, since, let´s face it, hooking up a kalesje is not the best part of being a boat owner and it was a quick trip today.

When you come past Milde, you head towards Bjelkarøyna and then cut in, heading north through what is called Hjellestad Naustavika, a quite charming inner passage filled with cottages, boathouses and, yes, boats.

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Hjellestad Naustavika

You only do 6, 7 knop through here and then open it up again towards Hjellestad Marina.

When I approached, the current was pretty strong actually, flowing and chopping eastward into shore, so I opted to dock on the side instead of out on the tip so the boat wouldn´t rock against the dock while I was filling up. But it was one of those approaches you pretty much need to nail or else you will be drifting away fast and need to pull off and do again — with various witnesses of course standing by and casually observing as Hjellestad is almost always populated.

I came in at an angle pretty swift and then turned the steering wheel fast in the opposite direction and reversed hard, one pulse, and, feeling ok, hopped off the bow and grabbed the old green rope that is always there to quickly secure and ran to the stern (because I forgot to take the stern line in hand which would have made me seem like a pro, an old hand at this). I had to grab and pull the stern back towards the quay (not a crisis) before I could secure. All good. We give it a 7 out of 10.

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Hjellestad, seen from the fuelling dock

Nautic Norway is based here and they deal in some very fine boats, ie Nimbus, Fairline, Windy, so I strolled along the quay to see. A lot of the boats are out during summer so it felt a bit abandoned this evening, but that´s a good thing, it´s July.

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