Every once in a while you say to the family “I´m off to fill up the boat” and you slip out the side door and down to the dock.

The weather has been a bit, shall we say, challenging, these past few days in Bergen and now the sky had cleared, it was blue again, a bit of a breeze but fine conditions for a “walkabout” in the boat.

I live in Fanahammeren and my local marina is Hjellestad.

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Trip Log from SmartBoat One

I also wanted to move the boat to a marina slip we just signed up for in Hordnes, just across the…

I was with my son in Arendal last weekend for the Poker Run.

When the dust settled on the event, we had Sunday off and had thought to take the ferry to Hisøy. But lo and behold that ferry does not run on Sundays!

So Philip, determined to get his ferry ride (he had earned it), found a trip to Merdø. We knew nothing about Merdø and when you Google it, nothing super exciting really comes up (maybe the locals want to keep it a local secret).

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off on the ferry with Philip

It´s that feeling, be it on your own boat or on the ferry…

What I love most about being a boat owner is the ability to create memories.

We own our boat (a 21´ Uttern daycruiser) with our neighbours, Øyvind and Mari Klungland, and I invited them to join me and my wife, Birte Thornquist, for a first time adventure to Mandelhuset in Tysnes last Friday. We live in Fanahammeren so I reckoned a little under an hour if I drove reasonably (18 knop so we could still talk along the way).

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Birte and Mari

Mandelhuset is located in Våge harbour, three wooden buildings with green trim that used to make up the local general store…

Improving the efficiency of our power grid and energy sources contributes to sustainability. We believe blockchain will have a major impact on the energy sector (as well as many other sectors for that matter — it promises to be the major transactional layer of the web going forward).

Current energy infrastructure is desperate for innovation. Our energy system has essentially remained the same since the late 1800s. Energy companies push energy to the consumers. A one way street.

And the journey is a long one. Studies have shown that up to 15% of power gets lost along the way. Consumers…

First off, I am going to leave hip hop off the list. Just too much to try to sort through otherwise.

These are songs I discovered this year. It does not mean they were necessarily released this year, although a good deal are in fact new.

In no particular order and with no justification other than I loved em:

Sunflower Bean

I Was A Fool


Bite The Hand

Sharon Von Etten

Comeback Kid

Leon Bridges

Bad Bad News

Haley Heynderickx

The Bug Collector




Des Bisous Partout


“Heaven´s Only Wishful

Retirement Party

“Shoulder It

The Flying…

I was invited by Kalibrert.no, a local inbound marketing agency I admire greatly and work closely with every week, to speak at a breakfast seminar on inbound marketing. I thought I would reflect a bit this morning over a cup of coffee.

I hear a lot of entrepreneurs pitch their growth plans on a weekly basis.

Somehow what I hear most — even in this Digital Age — is the classic (dated, rather) growth plan of X salesmen = Y revenue.

Working the rolodex, pestering people with LinkedIn messages, attending conferences, “networking”, etc. …

Over the past 10 years or so I ´ve been involved in a great deal of entrepreneur pitch training in Norway, geared towards raising money.

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I just conducted a two day workshop where I was training a startup team to train entrepreneurs and thought I would share some fresh takeaways in no particular order of importance:

  1. You do not need to pitch like an American to be a good pitchwoman. Volume and over the top energy do not make for a good pitch necessarily. It can wake people up, certainly, but it can also push people away and annoy them…

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Leo himself

end up at Leo´s Lekeland, you ask? And on a sunny Saturday afternoon no less?

I have no fucking clue, to be honest, which is why I am writing about it. To sort it out in my head.

It was one of those mornings where nobody could decide what to do. By “nobody” I mean “the adults.”

Shall we go for a walk? Shall we find a playground? Shall we go to a movie? VilVite? Boat ride? Shall we go outside and kick the soccer ball? Shall we just chill out here?

On and on for hours back and forth…

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9 billion by 2050?!

Global demand for seafood is growing and growing. And the world´s population is growing and growing — projected to surpass over 9 billion by 2050.

The world´s oceans are already approaching max capacity in terms of trying to meet this demand. Hence the absolute need for aquaculture development. Research varies but by most accounts aquaculture already has surpassed half the world´s demand for fish and thus has exceeded the output from wild fisheries. Quite obviously, hundreds of billions of dollars in market is being created in the coming years through aquaculture.

As somebody who has frankly spent many years working…

The first thing you need to know about Oscar is that he´s a former sniper sharpshooter in the Norwegian military — he was in fact so good that he became a sniper trainer. He served his country for 10 years.

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Håvard and Oscar Haugen, brothers in business

What´s a “sniper” exactly? Let´s turn to Wikepedia to find out.

A sniper is a military/paramilitary marksman who operates to maintain effective visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or at distances exceeding their detection capabilities. …

Kelly Moulton

An American living in Bergen, Norway. Husband. Father of 3. CCO, Sensar Marine, makers of SmartBoat One.

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