Photos are amazing. They can capture a moment and allow us to look into the past. Exceedingly many things can be captured in a simple still image. Emotions, memories, experiences. One click and they are captured.

A photo can capture emotion. It can portray the depth of an emotion and convey this emotion to the viewer of the photo. Happiness, sadness, anger, and more. It can all be turned into a still image and the viewer will know what emotion is portrayed. Photos are that powerful. Even more amazing is that a photo can bring back emotions. Seeing a photo…

Ever since the death of George Floyd, there have been tons of protests against racism around the world. Being a white, Dutch person, the situation has been eye opening for me. The Netherlands is a free country and the Dutch people consider themselves to be tolerant and accepting. But that is far from the truth.

My Instagram has been overflowing with people speaking up on the matter of racism these past 2 weeks. I have to be honest, it has been a bit overwhelming sometimes but I think it is time that people started speaking up.

Personally, I have tried…

Three years ago I graduated from high school after 6 years of hard work. Especially the last year was tough, as my motivation had started to fade away. Luckily, I graduated in one go without any resits.

Even though I was scared it would be hard, I was very excited to start university after the summer. Now, after three years, I will graduate from my undergraduate degree in a month. These past years went by in a breeze and it was definitely not as hard as I had expected.

I am not saying that I had an easy time, because…

I am a big fan of young adult novels. They are usually fun books to read, but also capture the development of the characters in great ways. As much as people seem to praise literature, I find there is much to say for YA books as well.

In the year 2020, I have already read quite a few books. Among these, there were several YA books too. To share my love for these books, I gathered my five favourite YA books that I read this year and wrote a short review for each of them.

The thousandth floor

This book…

Communication has been studied for quite some time already. Especially around the WWII the amount of research into the topic took off. The propaganda used in both world wars was studied intensively, and it was the start of much more research.

Nowadays, there are tons of research papers that discuss an endless amount communication theories and models. One of them, however, seems to stick out regularly. And that is the 5W model by Harold Lasswell.

Harold Lasswell created the 5W model of communication in 1948. It has been an influential model in communication studies ever since. Even though it was…

As a person growing up in the Netherlands, I quickly realized that there aren’t too many people around the world that understand my first language (Dutch).

Dutch would not be sufficient if I wanted to learn more about the world.

During my childhood I travelled to many countries within Europe with my parents. They spoke a few foreign languages and it always intrigued me as a kid.

Whenever we were in France, I would start speaking ‘French’. Aka, I would make up random words and pronounce them how French sounded like to me. …

Remember the dog face selfies everyone suddenly started taking on Snapchat a few years back? It was a fairly new product of augmented reality. I think most of us know about this function of augmented reality where the technology places digital objects in our physical world. Such Snapchat filters were start of a completely new branch of technologies. Today, the technology has developed to such an extent that the digital objects can move around.

But the technology is developing even more. I recently came across a video that blew my mind. It showed a person using his phone camera to…

There are tons of books circling around, but only a small percentage of the population reads regularly. High school students consider it a challenge to pass their courses without ever touching a (non-academic) book. I think it is a shame to see so many people simply refusing to read books.

Among the people that do frequently read, there seems to be a trend to read nonfiction books only.

Don’t get me wrong, reading books in general is great, but I feel there is an unspoken judgement for people who read loads of fiction, as if it is more socially accepted…

I started the last year of my bachelor’s degree by going on an exchange semester in Calgary, Canada. I knew that I would graduate in July 2020 from my bachelor’s in Communication Science and it was time to start looking at possibilities for the future.

Over the summer of 2019, before moving to Canada, I felt extremely fed up with the whole school thing. It made me strongly doubt whether I would want to do a master’s degree after my bachelor’s. Luckily, I had some time to decide.

At the end of 2019, I had the plan for my future…

I was recently browsing through the book section of my local thrift store and came across a bright orange book with the title ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ by Mark Manson. I had heard about the book before and wanted to know what the fuss was all about.

So, I did not hesitate and brought the book home with me. It took me about two weeks to finish the book (while reading other books), and today I want to share the main lessons I have learned from this book with you.

One of the very first points…

Kelly Nieuwenhuis

Student and book-lover. I’m an International Business student & a big fan of reading, writing and photography.

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