“Goodbye Jeb, Hello Donors”

Republican rivals race to win Bush’s billionaires

This headline is vey SEO-friendly as the presidential election is a huge news and search topic, but “Jeb” and “donors” also likely garnered big hits. Independent of this particular story, campaign finance reform and Citizens United have been largely discussed (therefore, searched) with the word “donor” largely drawing a lot people to this story. The lead used here is a hard news lead, getting right to the point of the story (Jeb Bush is dropping out of the race), but also employs some narrative creativity, rather than just a straight forward headline that might read “Jeb Bush drops out of race”.

The nutgraph is as follows, “Jeb Bush’s exit from the presidential race is setting off a frenzied scramble to poach the power brokers, practiced bundlers, Wall Street titans and Bush administration loyalists from the team that raised $150 million for the former Florida governor. Who wins the fight could determine which Republican candidate will have the financial juice to go the distance as the race goes national and grows expensive with an expanded reliance on television ads — especially against billionaire Donald Trump.” This paragraph at the start of the story captures the “now”: Jeb is out, and also the “what now?”, or the implications of this news, which are that Jeb’s mega-donors will now be dispersed among other candidates, potentially determining who will have the most steam and financial backing to make it to, and potentially win, the general election.

Among the 7 sources in the article, “a Bush ally”; Bobbie KIlberg, a “prominent Virginia bundler” and financial supporter of Chris Christie, then Bush, now Rubio; John Weaver, Kasich strategist; 3 individual Bush donors, Jay Zeidman, Republican Bundler. This story included the video of Jeb Bush’s press conference suspending his campaign, which I think is an incredibly important, relevant multimedia element to this story.

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