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I don’t think that’s common sense at all. I think it’s just urban myth.

I don’t think people are just randomly walking up to strangers and saying, “Hey give me your wallet!” without making some sort of threat along with it.

And pointing a gun at someone in self-defense isn’t a form of assault.

In self-defense, you’re not admitting guilt to a crime. If it’s self-defense, it’s not a crime. And let’s be honest here, the scales of justice have probably tipped TOO far on the side of the “defense” person (see Zimmerman/Martin).

It seems this entire thing is built on speculation of what could happen. And maybe people DO occasionally have that happen a day. But the gun-advocates are suggesting that for every time a person uses a gun in self defense and reports it, there are 10,000 times someone uses it in self-defense and DOESN’T report it.

And sorry, I just think that is hogwash.

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