Exercise 10.3

H&M: Spring 2017 Fashion

The visual effects used in this advertisement include: an open field, a large mirror with two young women modeling and dancing around. The advertisement gave an impression of them being free and comfortable in the clothes they are wearing. The advertisement used music to create sound effects. The music was very inviting, exciting, and adventurous. In this advertisement, a Victoria Secret model, Taylor Hill, was used causing it to have a spokesperson format. The ad starts out with Taylor Hill and another girl running in an open field, dancing and modeling the clothing for H&M. The target market for this ad is most likely teenage girls to mid-twenty girls. They used attractive models to entice girls to want to buy their clothes so they can attempt to look like them. The benefits of this ad are their use of a spokesperson. There may be some who do not know of Taylor Hill however, most teenage girls will if they are connected to social media. Another benefit of this ad is the idea that Spring is right around the corner and many girls will be on the hunt for Spring-related clothing items. There is a call to action in this ad. It appears that they are trying to display a fun and exciting life if these clothes are bought.

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