“The Persuaders”: Response Blog Post

The Effect of Advertising

As Americans, we are exposed to thousands of advertisements daily whether we know it or not. They provide us with information and create a need or desire that we didn’t know we had prior to it. We could even say that consumers are made and not born because of the advertising exposure we’ve had for the majority of our lives.

“The Persuaders”

“The Persuaders” gives insight into the world of Marketing and Advertising. It is astonishing to see all of the minute details that go into Marketing and how marketers accomplish their ideas and projects. They are given huge databases that locate all kinds of information about their consumers giving them a one-up in targeting them and communicating with them.

In a recent advertisement for Ikea, they took a very creative and interesting approach to targeting individuals. Their advertisement emphasized the idea that Ikea has everything you need for your home and kitchen. You can slo create your own unique area to match your specific interests and personality.

One amazing thing is the amount of money marketers and advertisers spend on an advertisement. They spend millions of dollars to project a single idea in New York City’s Time Square. This video definitely influences the way I view media and advertising.

Behind most advertisements, there is a purpose and intention to persuade a consumer to buy something. They take ideas and products and attempt to make an individual feel like they need something. I think it is a good idea to think rationally when viewing advertisements and see what is actually a necessary purchase.


The messages from advertisements can cause us to feel unsatisfied and incomplete with our lives, and tell us the only way to feel complete again is if you buy this item.

We’ve come to the point where we even persuade ourselves into thinking we need a specific item.

Consumer Loyalty

I believe it is okay for Christians to encourage consumer loyalty to brands. However, I do not believe it is okay to encourage them to be loyal above reason. The one thing that should fill the gap in our lives should be Christ. If we make these brands and the products/services they provide an idol, then we are going against what the Lord has called us to.

We are called to be stewards and becoming a loyal consumer to the point of debt is not stewarding your money in an appropriate way. If we rely on products and services to fulfill us, then we will never be satisfied. We will keep running to new things in hopes that they will satisfy but will be discouraged every time when they don’t.

Christians in the world of persuasion

Above all other things, a Christian’s duty is to glorify and honor God in everything he/she does. This is included in our everyday work lives as well. I fully believe that Christians are needed in the field of persuasion, however they should do it in a God-honoring way.

To be an effective Christian persuader, I think it is imperative that you know ahead of time what kind of company you will be working for. Know their values and what their intentions are to see if they line up with your Biblical truths. However, if you are confident in your faith then it is always a great idea to take your Christian values and be a light to a company that may not know Christ.

On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.

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