What is Good Writing?

Writing, especially good writing, is one of the most important techniques in the world today. It is the backbone of all web, books, and teaching. Our words and the things we write should be some of our most cherished assets.

Good writing should create questions in the minds of readers. The author should place themselves in the minds of their readers and be able to ask questions while simultaneously answering them. It should serve the reader, not the writer.

Another important aspect of good writing is grounding it in data. There needs to be credibility towards all writing. Content that is not completely opinionated will be more credible for the readers.

Good writing has logic and structure. It takes thoughts and opinions that may seem jumbled or chaotic and creates something that is more easily understanding and relatable. It should be clear and simple.

When writing, it is always a good thing to be simple. Assume that the reader does not know anything but know that they are not dumb either. It does not mean that your writing is dumbed-down but it means it should be understandable.

It is always a good thing to create your own personality and voice through your writing. Writing can be a very unique thing, so it makes things interesting when the reader can get a feel for your personality. A lot of times, readers aren’t always looking for the most literal and correct writings but looking for one with depth and personality.

Good writing should be flowing. It should have different elements and pieces of it that make up the full story. Everything is exactly where it should belong.

In order to have good writing, it is imperative that the author is passionate about what they are writing about. It should be about something that the audience cares about or something the author makes them care about. When a writer doesn’t care, it is very obvious.

In order to write well, a writer must be able to recognize quality pieces of writing. One of the only ways to know if you’re writing good and improving is to assess how others write as well. A good writer should be able to identify why a piece of writing fails or succeeds despite personal preferences in writing.

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