What Do You Want To Do?

Now that I’m rapidly closing in on 30, I believe the “when you grow up” portion of that sentence can be omitted. At different times in the last two years I have decided to pursue majors in gerontology, social work, and finally communication studies. These changes have been in part due to the availability of majors at different schools — when I moved to Los Angeles the school I transferred to did not offer my major — and now I have finally admitted to myself that I do not have the time to dedicate to a BSW (Bachelor of Social Work). Communication Studies will allow me to work toward something that I’ve always had in my heart: writing. In one way or another, I want to work in the publishing industry. Editing, PR, writing (ha!)…whatever the universe is willing to pay me for.

Having a hand in the creation of books is what I have to do. I feel it. Fiction, nonfiction, it doesn’t matter. I love it all, and there is opportunity. I am willing to put in the work. I have a lot more schooling left to go before I can earn a living this way, but it is what’s at the end of my road. I want to graduate from Cal State LA with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in English, so that I have the right degrees. Adding on a minor is going to take more time and money, but I have a goal now, a real goal that I feel passionate about, and I want to make it real. I think I have what it takes.

I am starting this blog so that I can express what I want out of life in writing. I also need a place to say what I think. I think a lot. About many different things. I am also very opinionated. I love to read, write, hear, create. I keep a paper planner/journal that I use every day, but for more lengthy ideas that I want to share with others, this will be my…medium.

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