This is what healthy organizations do. It’s not easy.

Great relationships, and organizations, are built on communication, consistency, and trust. These three things are the key to your relationships. Both at work and at home. I work on these everyday. I think I get this more right at work than I do at home. I’m working on that. I will keep fighting the fight because this is a good fight. I’ll be better today than yesterday. I promise.

You might not be able to change the culture where you work. You can certainly apply all of this to one person. Just one person. Go try it. Tomorrow. See what it does for your relationship.

Remember, you are responsible for 100% of the communication in the relationship. Not 50%. 100%. Accept that. Live that. After all you control that 100%. If everyone focused on communication, trust, and consistency all of our relationships would be better. And that would make the world better.


  • Respectful always.
  • Be and honest. Authenticity wins.
  • Practice radical candor with everyone and have the courage to call it like you see it.
  • Seek to understand. Have empathy.
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Attack problems. Not people.
  • Talk about people. Their wins. Their strengths.
  • Go to the source. Of the problem. Of the solution.
  • Have the courage to tell people where they stand. Do that often.
  • Crush anyone who spreads rumors, gossip, or negative talk. Public execution is acceptable.
  • Celebrate often. Share the wins. It reinforces the what, how, and why.


  • In what, how, and why.
  • Question everything. Focus on finding the right way, not having your way.
  • Expectations don’t change easily. Set the example.
  • No favorites. Everyone gets what they need to win. If they don’t, they understand why.
  • Celebrate and reward actions that help the help reinforce this culture. Often.
  • Everyday you earn your place in the lives of others. Don’t forget that.


  • Everyone is focused on we, not me.
  • This is a fear free environment. Everyone knows where they stand.
  • We do the right thing. Always. It may mean we make a little less but we sleep a little better.
  • It’s ok to try anything that will make us better. The team will support me.
  • My leadership has my best interest at heart. For them, it’s about helping me succeed.
  • Respect builds trust. Those who don’t respect others don’t respect our mission.
  • Follow through on your promises. Always.