Oh, searching soul.

My soul searches deep within the corners of the world

Searching for anything that sets a fire within

Anything to bring me back to life

Anything to jump start my entire body once again.

Oh searching soul, what are you looking for?

What do you want?

What do you need?

What could you possibly find that that would be better than being loved by your one true love ?

The one who formed this world that you are searching, into existence.

Oh searching soul, it is time to rest. 
Time to let go of those things you are holding on to that weigh you down.

Time to stop searching the world.

Time to search the heart of the One who loves you as you are, here today,

and find love, contentment, passion, desire, adventure, and rest in Him.

Oh searching soul, the time has come.

  • Kelly Whitman
  • 8/30/2016
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