Ranger Return With a Diesel Powerplant — 2019 Ford Ranger

Even though the Ranger has been discontinued from the US market a while ago, the truck has been a constant offering on the International market. Because medium size trucks are on a roll lately Ford decided to enter the US market once again. Not that long ago the new 2019 Ford Ranger has been confirmed but not much information has been revealed about it. Ford did say the new truck will be based on an existing chassis already in use on the European market. This likely means the US model will be based on the same ladder frame as the European model. This is both good and bad news because it means there are going to be some limitations, especially when it comes to the truck’s size.

In detail

We do hope Ford will be able to offer a longer wheelbase model but this is highly unlikely. Instead, expect a Ranger that will share the wheelbase with the European while having a completely new body. The US version of the truck was actually spied not that long ago testing in Michigan. This truck had the same body as the European model but this was merely a development mule. This means the body won’t make it into production but the truck’s running gear and engine will. This test mule was likely used to test the US model’s running gear as it had a wider truck than its European counterpart. It also seemed to be slightly higher off the ground which could suggest a completely different suspension setup. Most rumors suggest at this point that the truck will boast leaf springs in the back with coil springs in the front. Not much has been revealed about its price but we would be surprised if it will cost more than its main rivals.

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