three.js visuals, tracing, cutting, and gluing

the Stanford bunny, as rendered using three.js’s default WebGL renderer

A search for a new visualization tool

As it turns out, although Autodesk Maya’s python and MEL API worked fine for early visualization, it didn’t quite offer the kind of flexibility I wanted for the tracing part, for the following reasons:

  1. If I wanted to change the bunny’s size or the slice thickness or the number of…

preparing the bunny mesh in Maya

The project so far

For best results, read part one first!

A rendered Stanford bunny (using Maya built-in renderer)

We want to slice the bunny horizontally into cross sections that correspond to our existing foam sheets so later on we can cut the foam into the shape of the bunny, layer by layer.

Terms defined

  • Maya: a 3d program in the likes of Blender…

project introduction

Computer graphics, particularly working in 3d programs such as 3dsMax or Maya, was my gateway into being interested in computers and programming in general. Here’s my homage to the field that started it all

The big idea

I plan to take a bunch of horizontal cross sections of a CG bunny and cut…

a summary of the process

Old Website

It’s been about a year since I last updated my website which was targeted towards job applications and recruiters.

old website screenshots
  • heading formats: more important headers have larger font and thinner bands, user tested
  • related content grouped together
  • hamburger-inspired menu (minus hamburger icon) for centralized way to expand menu for options
  • pages…

my design process for the Cornell ACSU fall 2016 tshirt

A thorough look into many of the considerations that happened during the design process for the ACSU fall 2016 tshirt. Many thanks to everyone who helped me iterate until the final version!

Sketching phase

Eric Lin, current VP of Cornell ACSU, asks if I’m down to make the tshirt for the year…

my design process for the Cornell CS Facebook page cover photo

This article is the story about the development and thought process of my art which was accepted as the cover photo of the Cornell CS Facebook group in May 2016.


I really like the work of Amy Wang, a friend and fellow computer scientist who designed the spring 2016 ACSU…

should you attend, what it was like, future considerations

I’m a senior, and it was my first year attending the annual Grace Hopper Conference, held this year in Houston, TX. I was very fortunate to be sponsored by my university to attend — I’ve wanted to go since junior year.

Is it worth attending?

I think the value of going to GHC is…

reflection and advice after 4 years

I believe that this article addresses different aspects of interviewing I’d tell myself if I could travel back in time. This article is a reflection and an advice column on how the whole experience is.

Tips for applying

Keep track of dates, they are usually posted on the company website. …

Kelly Yu

Fresh college grad working in tech in the best city, NYC. Likes drawing, dancing, and improv. Writes thought processes of projects and sometimes advice.

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