Andela bootcamp day one

The day started on a bright note. I arrived at andela by 8:20a.m,wouldn’t risk being the first victim of late coming.I was well received and met several brilliant ladies sitted by the tent.We were offered refreshments as we awaited the next instructions. We kicked off with a few games to help us ease the tension before the serious activities of the day commenced.

We assembled into our respective teams and i finally got to meet my team mates and our facilitator Hannah,my isn't she the warmest human!I instantly knew that my experience would not be as tensed up as i presumed,i actually got a sense se of belonging.Our first instructor came on board,a lady by the name Njira and introduced the topic test driven development. Test driven development from my understanding is writing a test to fail the first time before re writing it to pass.This helps minimise bugs and make the code more efficient as it enables you make specs on what you want the code to do thus easier to highlight the errors in your code.

I was super psyched up and wrote my code line by line as per her instructions until the doom moment arrived!I couldn't run my code on atom! Frustration quickly set in,i could neither trace the path of my code and neither could i process the next steps Njira had gone to.See bootcamp is fast paced and with such issues arising one tends to lag behind big time.Considering this was my first time interacting with test driven development i almost threw in the towel.Gladly my facilitator and team-mates (Rose and Jackie) are awesome and helpful and assisted me in sorting my issues within a click of a button.The whole experience exposed me to the importance of seeking help and collaborating with others.It not only saves on time but also enables someone to explain in detail a concept that is new.

The next lessons that followed were much easier to grasp.So i have more practice to do on test driven development before i can feel confident about my programming life/journey again.The overall bootcamp experience has been a lovely interactive experience.

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