Everything You Need To Know About Kelowna SEO

Jo-Ann McLellan
11 min readAug 2, 2020

All About SEO In Kelowna

Digital marketing is without a doubt a major topic among the vast majority of businesses in this day and age. That’s because the Internet has become so ubiquitous in recent years. There are many facets to putting together in-depth digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns often emphasize all sorts of SEO or Kelowna search engine optimization strategies.

What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO, in brief, is a method that involves boosting website traffic numbers. It involves boosting site traffic caliber as well. It does this via the assistance of organic search results. If a business is interested in perhaps strengthening its website’s visibility, then focusing on SEO may be the right solution. It can help websites enhance their rankings on search engines dramatically. That’s how it can help them show up a lot more rapidly in search engine results. If a business prioritizes SEO, then its target audience members may be able to discover it quickly through searches on Google. This website development approach concentrates on how search engines assess and rank webpage content day in and day out. The main aim behind Local Marketing Plus SEO is to assess various components that affect how web surfers may respond to available content.

Who Is Neil Patel?

People who have searched the Internet for information that relates to digital marketing and SEO often are familiar with a man by the name of Neil Patel. Patel is an entrepreneur who hails originally from the United Kingdom. He’s an alumnus of California State University at Fullerton. He’s the individual who made Neil Patel Digital come to life, too.

Patel has racked up quite an impressive digital marketing client list throughout the years. He’s extended his services to powerhouses such as Microsoft, Amazon, Viacom, Google, General Motors, Thomson Reuters and Airbnb. He’s given these companies the opportunity to expand through all kinds of digital marketing strategies.

He has a blog that delves into all kinds of pertinent digital marketing subjects. This blog receives more than three million hits on a monthly basis. He also has a podcast that revolves around the digital marketing sector. This podcast is called simply “Marketing School” and has more than one million monthly listeners.

Patel has been at the helm of Neil Patel Digital since the autumn of 2017. He currently resides in Southern California in sun-kissed San Diego. This online power player is in no way, shape or form a stranger to languages. That’s because he speaks English, Spanish, Gujarati and, last but definitely not least, Swahili.

People can easily stay on top of Patel’s latest activities on the Internet. They can follow him on social media platforms such as Twitter. He’s been on Twitter since the spring of 2007 and has more than 350,000 followers on it at this moment in time.

This individual has been associated with the inception of a vast range of companies throughout the years. Some examples of these companies are KISSmetrics, Stride, Hello Bar and CrazySpot. He regularly pens columns for a software firm that’s called HubSpot, too.

Who Is Loren Baker?

Loren Baker is the individual who founded Search Engine Journal. He’s the person who is in charge of Foundation Digital. Foundation Digital is a reputable firm that concentrates on both development and digital marketing. Baker also has the distinction of being an Alpha Brand Media advisor.

He, like Patel, resides in Southern California. The primary difference is that he resides in Los Angeles instead of in San Diego. He has a lot of savvy that pertains to topics such as agency expansion, account management, digital marketing techniques and even the creation of digital content.

He’s been a force in his field since the end of the nineties. That’s precisely when he worked on advertising, content marketing, organic search and digital marketing practices for all sorts of clients. Examples of these clients are Palm, Current Checks, Consumer Reports, John Hopkins and George Washington University.

Search Engine Journal was launched all the way back in 2003. Baker did his part to turn it into a force in the universe of online marketing publications. He currently monitors and guides the way for the Search Engine Journal team.

This individual made a major change in the spring of 2013. That’s when he set up a digital firm located in Los Angeles. This firm is the previously mentioned Foundation Digital. He does a lot for Foundation Digital and all of its aims. He assists clients with their online marketing approaches. He aids them with all kinds of development and digital production requests as well. Some examples of prominent clients that work with Foundation Digital are American Eagle Outfitters, Groundworks, Rakuten, Apartments.com and, finally, ESPN.

Baker has in-depth savvy that relates to a broad range of marketing concepts. He talks to people at length about blog development, website development, influencer interactions, social media management, organic SEO ideas, digital asset development and content production. He offers consulting services to many clients.

Education is a strong suit for Baker. He graduated from a high school by the name of Queen Anne’s County High School back in 1992. It was in Centreville, Maryland. After that, he scored an associate’s degree at Chesapeake College. This was in 1996. He studied all about mass communications, advertising and marketing at a widely known institution of higher learning that’s called Towson University. He started going to the college in 1996. He graduated from it in 2000 as well. He was involved in the American Advertising Federation while he was there.

This man is similar to Patel in that he’s not someone who only speaks English. That’s because he has a strong grasp of a couple other languages. These are Japanese and Portuguese.

Baker pens all sorts of articles that can help people who are trying to master the SEO sector. He pens articles that delve into the ins and outs of working remotely. He pens articles that discuss the differences that exist between business and “individual” email messages. He regularly writes pieces that talk about all sorts of blogging concepts that are par for the course in the business scene.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a primary component of SEO. It entails pinpointing phrases and words that users frequently put into search engine queries. If a business wants to zero in on its target audience members’ needs and wishes, going forward with keyword research can be a huge help. The advantages of conducting keyword research are plentiful. It can help businesses target consumers more effectively. It can enable businesses to stumble on fresh subjects. It can even aid businesses with “rival” evaluations. If a business owner is committed to the idea of scoring the finest search engine listings, then he may want to put a lot of time into keyword research and its intricacies. It can be an asset for people who want to learn more about PPC or “pay-per-click” advertising as well.

How to Pick Keywords for Your Industry Niche?

Tracking down the most effective keywords for your industry niche may not be as tough as you initially suspect. If you want to do so, then you can kick things off by first identifying the nature of your niche. After that, you can perform keyword research. Doing so can help you track down the finest keyword options. There are all sorts of dependable keyword research devices in place nowadays. These tools are easily accessible on the Internet. It’s critical for people to closely assess their keyword lists. If you do this, then you’ll be able to figure out which ones are particularly helpful and pertinent. It’s vital to supervise your niche keywords on a consistent basis. It may even help you to make routine tweaks as you pick up on things.

Niche keywords are essential for businesses that want to thrive in the universes of SEO and digital marketing. These keywords are pertinent leads. They’re ones that can help consumers zero in on your business and its services and products. These keywords also simplify ranking matters considerably. If you want your business to be able to strengthen its search engine rankings, niche keywords can get you on the appropriate track. They don’t have as many “rivals.” If you’re committed to doing your PPC and SEO campaigns a big favor, then you should take the time to grasp what niche keywords are and how they function.

Who Is Your Competition?

SEO competition is a subject that’s pretty straightforward. If you want to enhance your search engine rankings, then you should first take the time to identify your competition. Your SEO competitors are the websites that are beating you in search engine results. If a business website shows up faster than yours does in organic search results, then it’s a competitor. If it shows up close to your site or right after it, then it’s still a competitor.

Don’t ever assume that the powerhouses in your field are necessarily the biggest SEO forces. That’s because they’re in many cases totally different entities. Your biggest competitors in SEO are nothing more than the sites that beat you in searches that involve your targeted keywords. It doesn’t matter if a website is part of your field. If it’s beating you in organic searches, then it’s your competitor, plain and simple.

It’s not tough at all for businesses nowadays to be able to zero in on their SEO competitors. Simply put your biggest keywords into the search box on Google. Jot down any domains that are associated with your primary competitors. It can be beneficial to zero in on rivals who are taking up local pack space. That’s because you want to do your best to replace them as soon as possible.

What Should You Consider When You’re Writing Content?

There’s no disputing that top-notch content is paramount for digital marketing glory. It’s paramount for SEO glory specifically. If you want your web content to shine, then you should take numerous things into consideration any time you work on it. If you want to strengthen your SEO results in a big way, then you should think at length about your target audience members. If you grasp these individuals, then you can pen content that actually speaks to them. Determine who wants your services or products. Determine what they seek. Ask yourself how your website may be able to make them feel at home. Pinpoint all of the things that may attract them.

Pen content with your audience members in mind. Don’t fixate on search engines. Remember that people come first in the SEO sector.

Establish tangible aims for any and all of the webpages that make up your site. They should all be distinctive. Concentrate on your designated keyword topics.

Don’t offer your target audience members content just for the sake of it. Doing so can be a recipe for disaster. Zero in on giving them content that’s highly engaging. Zero in on giving them content that can actually benefit their existences. You shouldn’t waste their time with information they can just as easily find elsewhere on the Internet.

Prioritize quality rather than quality. The Internet is full of content that’s lacking. The last thing you want to do is fill it up with more content that doesn’t serve a purpose for anyone.

You should put time into penning text that’s one-of-a-kind. Duplicate content is the enemy of people who want to soar in digital marketing and SEO. Search engines understandably aren’t too fond of webpages that are chock-full of content that’s the polar opposite of original.

Don’t ever take a forced approach to keyword use. If you make the mistake of doing so, you may make your site seem “spammy” and off-putting to any and all visitors. Your keywords should always flow well within your paragraphs. It can help to go for paragraphs and sentences that are briefer. People tend to be intimidated by blocks of text.

If you want to captivate the members of your audience, then you can implement video clips, striking images and anything else pertinent.

How to Utilize Keywords Within Content

There are all sorts of things that you can do to make the most out of keyword use within your content. You should place keywords inside of your site’s meta description. You should put them inside of your SEO title tag. Don’t forget to utilize them within your article titles.

You don’t ever want to wait too long to introduce keywords to site copy. It can be wise to utilize them in the initial 200 words. Don’t wait any longer than that. Make a point to use them toward the end of the article as well. They should show up in your articles’ final 200 words or so for good measure.

Ways to Optimize Content for SEO

Optimizing content for SEO purposes is always a good idea. If you want to be able to do this, then you should zero in on numerous things. You should ponder the number of keywords you want to use for individual pages. You should determine the amount of content that’s sufficient for designated keywords. You should assess keyword use on pages that are similar to each other. Don’t forget to evaluate your site optimization when all is said and done. Optimizing content for top-tier SEO is all about thinking about headlines, page titles, body text, meta descriptions and links galore. If you zero in on the nuances of content, then you should be able to boost your results considerably.

Encourage Search Engines to Find Your Site

Motivating prominent search engines to stumble upon your site is the name of the game in the SEO sector. There are all sorts of things that you can do to get on the path to search engine ranking, indexing and crawling achievement. It can be helpful to submit the address of your business website to all kinds of directories on the Internet. It can be especially smart to set up a listing via Google My Business. Make sure that you fill out this listing with as much detail as possible. Don’t leave anything pertinent out at all. Your target audience members want to know about the items and the services that you sell. They want to know about your address. They want to know about your business hours each week, too.

What is a Sitemap, Anyway?

If you put any time into SEO and digital marketing, you’ve most likely heard a bit about sitemaps. Sitemaps, in brief, are lists. They consist of website pages. If you want to be able to get around your site with ease and without any confusion or time wasting, the assistance of a map may work like a charm. Sitemaps enable search engine crawlers to manage website indexing matters with ease. If you want to be able to stay on top of your site’s video clips and specific pages, then you should most likely look into putting together a map.

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