Not all felines are meant to lead: The Story of Layla/Vlad

Meet Layla Mahabir.

For 6 years of her life, Layla lived at the bottom rung of the hierarchy, under the dignified leadership of Koko Mahabir.

Koko was a sweet-natured, respectable leader who fought bravely to protect her people, ruled with an even hand, and kept Layla in line when she was being a douche.

Then, after 6 years of peace, the balance of power was disrupted. In the summer of 2017, Koko and Layla moved to a new land — one which Koko did not know she and her people could trust — and Koko retreated to the safety of the couch cave (and other reliable safe havens) until she could be sure of this new territory.

Layla, however, saw this as an opportunity for the coup-d’etat she’d been waiting for! While Koko sought refuge in the couch cave, Layla explored the new land — bathroom, living room, top of the kitchen shelf — and marked her territory far and wide! This new land would be hers for the taking.

The townspeople (i.e. we who think of ourselves as cat owners — “think” being the key word) soon realized the tyranny which they were now living under. As British politician Lord Acton once said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power quickly corrupted Layla into an unruly dictator.

Like a Jekyll and Hyde of sorts, Layla’s split personality — Vlad(imir Putin/the Impaler) had been discovered.

By the time Koko emerged, the free world had become one of great expense. Layla/Vlad had established herself at the top of the domestic cat hierarchy, but she wasn’t done yet.

Next, she set her sights on the top of the entire domestic hierarchy — dominance over the so-called owners as well!

No longer could the townspeople type on their laptops with ease. Freedom of expression had become a thing of the past. (Literally. She will bite you.)

Attempts at communicating via text message with the outside world?

FaceTime with a loved one?

A casual Netflix binge?

Serving her dinner 5 minutes late?


Charming, as many dictators can be, she often deceived the townspeople by lulling them into a false sense of security — approaching them on the pretense of a desire to cuddle and distracting them with a harmonious purr. But one false step, and her wrath would be unleashed.

Three months into her rule, and the townspeople are still fighting against this subjugation, withstanding new battle scars and tyrannical meow-squeaks with each passing day. Domestic bliss is a thing of fond memories past.

But, unbeknownst to Layla/Vlad, plans of a revolution are a-foot! The townspeople have a plan to reinstate Koko to power and restore peace once more…