Capstone Ideation

I want to create an app that is a go-to source for dog owners in Toronto so that they can navigate the city more easily, safely and happily with their 4 legged friends. It would help communities by showing users dog friendly places, it would help safety by notifying users of local pet-related dangers and it would help wellness by encouraging exercise.

Potential Features

  • walk tracker/mapper — tells you where you went, how far and how fast
  • corresponding collar clip that acts gps for both map tracker and tracks in case of runaways (like a Fit Bit)
  • areas of danger notifications — ticks, missing pets, rabid raccoons, etc.
  • useful directories
    - off leash area/dog park directory
    - pet sitter directory
    - dog walker directory
    - vet directory
    - pet friendly stores and patios
  • forum
    - meetups/playdates
    - pet sitters
    - questions about dog related issues

Potential Issues:

  • Too complex for project purposes with peripheral (collar clip)?
  • How to make more than just a directory or gps tracker (if clip isn’t included) — what makes it unique?

Relevant Existing Apps
ResQwalk — tracks walks and donates $ per x distance to dog rescues, Bark’N’Borrow — facilitates meetups and pet sitters
Fit Bit — tracks your (human’s) distance, speed, location, other fitness things
Bunz Pet Zone — forum for all things pet related

Research, interview/survey results and persona to come!

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