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Leaky Gut could be the main source of your health issues. Here’s how to heal it

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You’re at work, sitting at your desk and working diligently when suddenly…

The clock on your computer monitor reads 4:15pm. “Seriously?” you think to yourself. “Again?!”

You’ve already gone 4 times today. Or was it 5? I’m sure you’ve lost count by now.

It’s the end of the workday, and you try to resist — but who are you to deny Mother Nature? When duty calls, duty calls.

the toilet.

Remove these items to save extra money

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Between random trips to HomeGoods & Target during the holidays andthe impending Black Friday sales, one thing is certain: I’m a certified

I’m constantly fooled by deceiving sales signs and purchase more than planned. Traditional therapy is no match for retail therapy when I’m upset or angry. And who seriously wants to eat home-cooked meals all week long? Take out for 1, please!

Trust me when I say that it’s not something I’m proud of.

My out-of-control spending habits have never done me any favors, either. It’s left me with $0 in savings, seemingly endless amounts of debt, and a constant notification from my bank account that I have less than $50 to my name. …

And yes — it’s possible!

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Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

If you’re dealing with gut issues, you aren’t alone — 74% of Americans are living with digestive issues like gas, bloating, and abdominal pain, according to a recent survey.

And while so many people share this commonality, few understand how or why their gut issues came about. For some, these problems may be genetic. But, emerging data show promising evidence that the standard American diet may be the culprit for a lot of us.

You know — a diet full of sugar, saturated fats, alcohol, and a daily dosage of stress.

In our stomachs, we have a gut lining that acts as a filter. An unhealthy gut lining may have large cracks or holes, which allows partially digested food, toxins, and bugs into the gut. As a result, we experience inflammation and changes in the gut flora, ultimately leading to our digestive problems. …

Start your freelancing journey without using Fiverr or Upwork

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Photo: Paige Cody/Unsplash

So, you’ve decided to try your hand at freelancing. Now what?

Your website and social accounts have launched. You’ve pinpointed your services and niche market. The next inevitable battle on the road to financial and locational freedom?

It is finding people in your niche that are willing to pay you for said services.

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to freelancing is finding your first, real-life, paying client. Prospecting for potential clients seems like mission impossible at first. …

Tips for a successful plant-based holiday

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You’re sitting at Grandma’s house, surrounded by your entire family. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is playing on the living room TV (OK not this year, but go with it). The aroma of satiating crock pot and casserole dishes fills the air.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I imagine a long table spread featuring juicy turkey, creamy mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole that gives you a sugar rush, and more dairy-filled dishes. And of course, topping off your stomach capacity with a slice of pumpkin pie.

But, what if you’re a vegan?

Whether you love Thanksgiving or not, being vegan poses extra challenges. And what do you expect? The holiday is literally known for eating turkey. But, it’s 100% possible for us herbivores to enjoy Thanksgiving just as much while surrounded by meat-eaters. …

Using Instagram to market your business? This is the easiest way to get more clients and drive sales

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Instagram made its debut back in October of 2010 but didn’t begin its rise to popularity until around 2012 when it was bought out by Facebook for $1 billion in cash and stock.

Since its quick rise to popularity and more people creating accounts each day, Instagram has become widely used by businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs all over the world as the optimal marketing tool to communicate, build relationships, and ultimately drive sales with their target market and audience.

Gone are the days of relying on Yelp reviews. No, these days consumers head straight for the ‘gram to scope out the prospect they’re thinking about giving their business to. …

Must-haves for your medicine cabinet & pantry

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Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash

Ahhh, . The invisible beast that takes its wrath out on our digestive systems, mental clarity, and overall quality of life.

It rears its ugly head in many ways. From chronic diarrhea and widespread inflammation to skin problems and mental fatigue, one thing is certain.

If you’re unfamiliar with leaky guts’ infamy, it’s a condition in which the walls of the intestines become too permeable, allowing food particles and intestinal microbes to escape. …


And other mishaps + lessons from losing my v-card

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Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I was 19 years old, on my way to another one of my boss’ after-work get-togethers.

At the time, I was in college and working as a waitress at a restaurant — one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had. My coworkers were all around my age, the work was easy, and everyone got along really well — making for lots of boozy memories made together outside of the restaurant.

And for some reason — I found myself frequenting these hangouts over the college frat parties I’d been used to…willingly.

This particular night, it was Valentine’s Day. But, I was a single college girl, just ready to have some drinks with my friends. …

And what to do instead to get the most out of your night’s sleep

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Photo by Ludovic Toinel on Unsplash

It’s no secret that getting a good night of sleep plays a significant role in allowing both your mind and body to recharge, preparing you for an energized day ahead when you wake up.

Without enough sleep, your brain cannot function properly — impairing your cognitive and behavioral functions, including the ability to focus, think clearly, and process memories.

But, according to the Sleep Health Foundation, around 1 in 3 people suffer from at least mild insomnia, affecting their ability to even get a full night of uninterrupted rest.

While the causes and individuals at risk for insomnia vary, there are actually quite a lot of bad habits we tend to mindlessly do before heading off to dreamland that could be contributing to poor sleep. …

Graduating college is tough. Make it easier on yourself

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Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

According to a study from LinkedIn, 75% of 25-to-33-year-olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis, defined as “a period of insecurity and doubt that many people in their mid-20s to early 30s go through surrounding their career, relationships, and finances.”

This also tends to be the age range when people have graduated from college and are starting to settle down — figuring out exactly how they want to live their lives between work, relationships, and living scenarios.

The majority of the anxiety that induces the post-graduation quarter-life crisis comes from fear, anxiety, and expectations:

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