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Analyzing 3 of my successful email pitches and why they worked

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When I began freelancing just a few years ago, freshly fired from my 9–5 job, I had all of the time and energy in the world to go full-time with freelancing.

The only problem? I didn’t have any clients. And if I didn’t have any clients, then I wasn’t making any money, either.

Following the advice of others, I tried Fiverr and Upwork but hardly got any bites. And when I did, it was for low-paying jobs that weren’t worth the effort. I realized I would need to step out of the box to find my first freelancing clients.


Watch how it increases your productivity and daily focus.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a Type-A planner, you’ve likely heard all about the life-changing benefits of scheduling your day with a method known as time blocking. Maybe it’s even your preferred way to organize your day.

According to ToDoIst, time blocking is a time management method where you divide your day into blocks that are dedicated to accomplishing specific tasks and only those specific tasks. By focusing on one task at a time rather than keeping a running to-do list, you’re essentially able to start each day with a concrete schedule to keep you on track.

But, time…

Leaky Gut could be the main source of your health issues. Here’s how to heal it

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You’re at work, sitting at your desk and working diligently when suddenly…it hits you.

The clock on your computer monitor reads 4:15pm. “Seriously?” you think to yourself. “Again?!”

You’ve already gone 4 times today. Or was it 5? I’m sure you’ve lost count by now.

It’s the end of the workday, and you try to resist — but who are you to deny Mother Nature? When duty calls, duty calls.

At last, you make it to your most frequented destination: the toilet.

And none of them are ergonomic furniture pieces

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“Well, the dishes do need to be cleaned up. Does my dog need to go on a walk right now? Also, I could definitely use another cup of coffee…”

…in case you wanted a look at the running dialogue in my head when I started working from home two years ago.

Having been in brick-and-mortar jobs for most of my working days, the thought of working from home sounded like a dream-come-true. Being able to work in my pyjamas? Creating my own schedule? No rush hour traffic? Count me in.

But with great freedom comes great responsibility. And at first…

5 actionable steps for aspiring freelancers

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So, you want to start freelancing? Maybe you got laid off from your job due to COVID-19, or you happened to scroll by a TikTok video that claimed to be your “sign” to start freelancing. Whatever the reason, freelancing is an awesome way to make money. You pick the scope of work you want to do, create your own schedule, and even choose your clients. Plus, you can work from literally anywhere. The perks are endless.

More and more people are turning to freelance work, whether it be for a side-hustle or their full-time gig. According to Statista, it’s been…

Your gut is impacted by more than just the food you eat

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Gut instincts aside, our gut is one smart cookie! Now being referred to by some scientists as our “second brain”, 90 percent of its fibers carry information from the gut to the brain. Not only that, but our gut has a major influence over the chemistry of our moods, emotions, immune system, and long-term overall health.

Of course, your gut also has a great impact on your digestive health. Constant diarrhea? Constipation? Excessive gas? These could all be signs of an unhealthy gut.

“Inside our bellies, we have an extensive intestinal lining covering more than 4,000 square feet of surface…

81% of people use Instagram to research products and services

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When it comes to scoping out the brands, shops, and restaurants that people want to give their business to, most individuals are opting for a quick Instagram search rather than a Yelp or Google review.

Who needs to know how many stars the brunch restaurant you’re thinking about going to is rated? All that really matters is if their Instagram aesthetic is pleasing to the eye and their Bloody Marys look worthwhile.

All jokes aside, Instagram has become a marketing mecca for businesses, brands, creators, and other entrepreneurs — and for good reason. According to Hootsuite, 81% of people use…

Find that healthy balance between together and apart

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I’ve been dating my partner for 4 years. We’ve lived together for 3 of those years, and are pretty much always around one another.

At first, it was like sunshine and rainbows. When I started living with my partner, we were still full-fledged in the honeymoon stage and everything was hunky-dory. In fact, it felt like we were playing a game of “house” for a while. But inevitably, time passed. And soon, I was struggling to remember what alone time ever felt like in the first place.

The truth is: everybody needs alone time. Needing time to yourself, away from…

Bored of bananas and broccoli? Time to spice up your palette!

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A couple of years ago, I was 40 pounds heavier and dealing with both physical and mental health issues. I ended up switching to a plant-based diet, and never looked back.

Going plant-based meant eliminating all animal products, as well as cutting out processed foods. Surprisingly, the transition to a plant-based diet was a lot easier than I’d expected. I immediately started seeing the benefits of the diet and decided to stick with it.

Inevitably, you get bored of the same food after a while. One person can only eat so many meals consisting of bananas and steamed broccoli. At…

If time blocking isn’t working, try creating systems instead

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How many times have you attempted to time block your day, only to feel disappointed by the very sight of unchecked to-do list items and tasks?

Unfortunately, it’s happened to me more times than I can count.

When I first stepped into the entrepreneur world, time blocking was all the rage — and all I heard about when it came to planning out your day. If you’re not familiar with it, time blocking is a time management method where you divide your day into blocks that are dedicated to accomplishing specific tasks and only those specific tasks, according to ToDoIst

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