People balk at the notion that I’m not on Tinder.

When you’re (somewhat) young, (currently) single and (always) female in Hamilton, not being on the #SexSwipe is seen as a worse transgression than not being on Facebook.

The incredulous but how do you keep in touch with your friends? is replaced with an even-more incredulous but how do you meet men?

Full disclosure: I am on Facebook. You can rest easy.

But as for Tinder: no way. I’ve heard the horror stories. A friend of a friend accidentally swiped right for her older brother. Gross gross gross.

Another friend ended up on a never-ending cycle of dates that started promptly at 2am outside the taxi stand outside the Bank , and ended somewhere between the CBD and Hamilton East.

And then there are the more common stories: you like the way they look, they like how you look, you both swipe right and you’re both endlessly flattered until you meet in person –and it all just goes a little flat.

Sure there are people like my older sister who insist that their hairdresser’s brother’s friend’s ex-neighbour’s best friend found love on Tinder, and that that can happen for me too, but I remain cynical.

And maybe a little idealistic. I’m convinced that you can still meet men the old-fashioned way in Hamilton. The trick is to figure out exactly what the old-fashioned way is…

Men of Hamilton, I hope you’re game!

xoxo Kelsey

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